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Arrest, disqualify Raja Singh immediately

  • 112 civil society activists urge CM
  • They write an open letter to KCR

Prominent civil society activist have written to Kalvakuntla Chandrasekhar Rao (KCR), Chief Minister of Telangana State, urging him to take stringent measures to stop persons like Raja Singh, Ghoshamahal MLA, from spewing hatred. They wanted Raja Singh to be immediately arrested and debarred as an MLA. Since he said he has no faith in the Constitution, he should not be allowed to be a member of Assembly which is an institution created by the same Constitution. The letter was signed by Prof. Rama Melkote, Prof Padmaja Shah, Khalida Parveen, S. Jeevan Kumar, Mazher Hussain, Varghese Theckanath, V. Sandhya, K. Sajaya among others. In all, 112 persons endorsed the letter. Following is the full test of the letter:

Open letter to Chief Minister, Govt of Telangana



Sri Kalvakuntla Chandrasekhar Rao

 Chief Minister,

Telangana State


After more than a decade, Hyderabad city today is confronted by communal passions deliberately, and persistently, provoked by politicians like Raja Singh, BJP MLA.
We appeal to the state government to immediately arrest Raja Singh under stringent sections of the law, as he is a repeat offender, to restore confidence in the ability of the law-and-order machinery of the state among ordinary people.

We also appeal to the speaker of the Telangana Legislative assembly to immediately disbar Raja Singh for publicly stating that he does not follow the Constitution of India, whose very membership of the legislature is subject to his allegiance to the Constitution. We demand that necessary measures be taken to prevent all such speeches, statements and actions likely to promote communal hatred and disturb law and order and peace in the society by any individual.

While condemning strongly hate-mongering for political gains promoted by such individuals, we as a group of concerned citizens and civil society organizations appeal to the people to not become pawns in this diabolical game. Getting provoked by such statements will strengthen and fulfil the agenda of such politicians. Let us seek justice without strengthening such forces. Riots and curfews will justify greater state repression and invite untold miseries on ordinary citizens, their lives and livelihoods.

We appeal to all the citizens of Hyderabad to ensure peace and harmony in their own neighbourhoods by forming peace committees that prevent outside mischief-makers from creating disharmony.

Endorsed by:

1Prof. Rama MelkoteProf. Retd. Osmania University
2Prof. Padmaja ShawProf. Retd. Osmania University
3Khalida ParveenSocial Activist
4S.Jeevan KumarHuman Rights Forum
5Mazher HussainCOVA Peace Network
6Varghese TheckanathReligions for Social Transformation
7V. SandhyaPOW
8K. SajayaTelangana Women and Transgender Orgs JAC
9Kaneez FathimaCivil Rights Activist
10D krishna kumariNFIW
11Varsha BhargaviWhere Are The Women
12Rubina NafeesIndependent
13Veena ShatrugnaScientist (rtd)
14Aruna NellutlaSocial Activist
16Mubashir FatimaSAFA Society
17Ahmed RameezSafa Society
18Dr. SathyamConsultant
19Tashi ChoedupIndependent
20Susie TharuIndependent
21Mandakini MallarapuIndividual
22Syed MoinuddinPFI
23Indus MartinIndependent writer
24Sarah MathewsSankalp Women’s Support Alliance
25Fariya MubeenHyc
26Jasveen JairathConcerned Citizens
27Jhansi GeddamDalit Sthree Sakthi
28Ajoy DevulapalliPrajatantra
29R SrivatsanRetired academic
30Mohammed Mohsin KhanSafa
31Abdul HaseebSAFA
32DSSR KrishnaTelangana Vidyavantula Vedika
33P.ShankarDalith bahujan front(DBF)
34Syed Majid ShuttariTelangana for Peace and UNITY
35Babu Rao KalapalaHuman Rights Forum
36Lissy JosephTelangana domestic workers Union
37Abbas SMASCO
38Manisha GothiSafa
39Irfan Mdsocial work
40Shefali JhaAnveshi
41Ravi KannegantiRythu Swarajya Vedika
42Abdul Qayyum ateeqSafa India
43Dr KUMAR NAGELLIRashtriya Mulnivasi Sangh
44Shaad HabibiMarriott International Inc.
45Syed Asker HussainFuture Medi Systems
46Khatija MahveenSocial activist
47Khatija MahveenMpj(movement for peace and justice)
48Khizar RaoofOlive hospital
49Cedric PrakashHuman Rights and Peace Activist/Writer
50Alisha RazaSAFA
51ImranEnvironmental Conservation
52N VenugopalEditor, Veekshanam
53Sagar DharaInterfaith Milan
54Mir zainulabedinIndividual
55L. RavichanderIndividual
56Bro. Francis M.MBoys’Town
57Arunank LathaLawyer, Writer
58Amrita AhluwaliaSocial Activist
59Vissa Kiran KumarNational Alliance of People’s Movements (NAPM)
60David BrynerdISB
61Sabah QadriHelp Hyderabad
63 QadriHelp Hyderabad
64Dr Rani SiddiquiGlobal hospitals
65Srinu MythriSocial worker
66Syed AnwarHome Maker
67RevathiAware Gleneagles global hospital
68BabithaVilla Theresa High School
69Nandini DavidResearch Scholar, HCU
70Anant MaringantiIndependent scholar
71Gogu ShyamalaDalit woman writers society
74S.Q.MasoodSocial Activist
75Sreeharsha TRythu Swarjya Vedika
76Kavitha PuliSocial activist DWC
77Akhileshwari RamagoudIndependent Journalist and Academic
78Asif HussainRetired
79Bhandaru Vijaya KumariWriter
80Kondaveeti SatyavathiWriter
81Azam KhanBusiness
82Ismail AhmediA. Ismail and Associates
83Mohammed Mushtaquddin KhanSealinfotech
84Vommy RameshbabuWriter and Journalist
85Rida QuddosClient first consultants
86Dr.M.F.GopinathSocial Democratic Forum
87D.Rama DeviAidwa AP
88Ali AsgharASEEM
89Ateeq AhmedSelf employed
90Farhana khanHelp Hyderabad
91S.Durga BhavaniUniversity of Hyderabad
92Nethala Anil BabuCivilian
93In Br.M.K.MathewMontfort Brothers
94Annamary Thirumala ReddyRosary Convent High School
96Farooque Ahmed Khan MohammedSahara net
97Sharifa SiddiquiCounselor
98Shaik Mahaboob SubhaniSAFA
99M. Maqbool A. MateenUnited Citizens’ Forum
100Syeda Sheema NazeerJamat e islami hind
102Fareed FaheemHHF
103Mohammed FaizanJamaat e islami
104Mohammed KhanFabessentials
105Sabiha AthiqueE2 Labs
106Meera SanghamitraNational Alliance of People’s Movements
107SeshagiriSwaraj Abhiyan
108MHA KhanIndependent
109Kalyan BodaStudent
110Ashfaq HussainMohammed’s peaceful massage
111Grace TemsenUoH
112Rukmini RaoGramya


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