Rajasthan trip was exciting, rewarding and joyful

Rajasthan is one of the most beautiful states in India. It has great history, sightseeing places, culture, and tradition. On this trip I have visited a few places in Rajasthan and explored the history and culture of these places. The first place I went to was Udaipur City Place, a big majestic palace that overlooks the lake Pichola.  This palace has rich history and a lot of insights to gain. The Udaipur City Palace was built 400 years ago by Maharana Udai Singh II and his successors.

Weaponry used my Marwar warriors

This Palace is a treasure  of information about Rajasthan’s royal past which is very interesting as we explored the weapons and metal armour they used at that time. Swords, Daggers, old Guns, Rifles, Pistols, Revolvers and ammunition were on display.  It was an amazing experience and it was a lot of fun but this trip to  Udaipur city palace has given me a lot of information as we walked down the rooms and hallways, looking at the beautiful paintings, climbing up the acutely uneven stairs. I have learnt a lot about the Royal Mewar army, where they got their metal wares, many types of weapons, the family tree of the Mewars, the gods they worshipped  who are mostly Ganesha and Shree Ram, the holy sand of Haldighati, furniture, paintings of elephant fights, the Udaipur’s palace for women, Zenana Mahal, also known as Queens palace, Sanitation, etc. This was a trip to cherish.

Maharana Pratap Smarak

Maharana Pratap Smarak 

The second place that I went to was the Maharana Pratap Smarak. It is  a grand memorial of Udaipur. This memorial was built by Maharana Bharat Singh with the help of his people. This memorial is a bronze statue of Maharana Pratap on his horse named Chetak. The great statue overlooks the Fateh Sagar lake. The statue is located at the top of Pearl hill. This statue is beautiful and I was able to click amazing photos. This statue looked very magnificent. Right in front of the stone that the statue was on there is also a swastika also known as surya, and under the stone there is a beautiful fountain. I went to this statue in evening but it is best to go either in the morning or afternoon where you could see everything clearly and take a lot better looking photos.

Marvellous painting

The third place I  went to was the Saheliyon ki bari which is a big garden located in Panchwati in Udaipur. This garden is a big tourist attraction and a great place to take photos. Filled with greenery this garden is one of the most famous gardens in Udaipur. I haven’t spent much time in this garden to learn more about this place but photographers would love to take photos in this beautiful garden.

Kumbalgarh fort with the second great wall in the world after Chinese great wall.

Majestic Kumbalgarh fort

The 2nd day in Rajasthan was also meant for sightseeing. The first place I went to that day was the Majestic Kumbalgarh fort. The Kumbalgarh fort was very amazing and as I walked up the fort I could see the land beneath me and it was an amazing view. The Kumbalgarh fort was built by Rana Kumba in 1458 AD. The Kumbalgarh fort is situated atop a hill in the Aravalli Range and was strategically designed to be a formidable defensive structure. The most famous feature of Kumbalgarh Fort is its long, continuous wall that stretches for approximately 36 kilometers, making it one of the longest walls in the world. This protective wall helped the fort withstand lots of sieges and invasions. It was constructed to be wide enough for eight horses to walk side by side, and it is filled with over 360 temples and several bastions. My walk up the Kumbalgarh fort was a great experience even though it was really hot. But the structure of this great fort is really magnificent and it is worth going there. From the top I was looking at the land beneath me and it was an outstanding view. Kumbalgarh Fort is not only known for its military significance but also for its cultural and architectural heritage. There are numerous temples, including the Badal Mahal, which features beautiful frescoes, and the Neelkanth Mahadev Temple. The Kumbalgarh fort is so well structured one that tourists would love to visit. This fort has great history. I enjoyed learning about the history and cultural heritage of this fort. It is a great place to take photos but be careful since there are many monkeys around.

jungle safari in Rajasthan

Jungle Safari

The next place I went to was a Jungle Safari in a jeep. When we started off I was really exciting to see all different types of animals and plants. From below I was able to see the top of those mountains standing tall and they look majestic. As we were driving through the forest I have learnt many things about these animals that I didn’t know earlier. We spotted antelopes, Kingfishers, different types of birds, monkeys, and iguanas but I wasn’t able to spot any big cats or mammals. That was probably because I went on Jungle Safari during afternoon when these animals would be sleeping since most wild cats like leopards, tigers, and panthers are nocturnal. They usually come out in the late afternoon or evening from around 4:30-7:00. They also keep their distance from humans so they wouldn’t be that near to the track.  The jungle was really beautiful. I have come across several rivers and there was a lot of greenery it was really fun. It was a great experience since I haven’t seen so much nature in a long time.

On my third day I did not go anywhere and instead did some shopping in local areas. I bought earrings, bangles, bracelets, necklaces, traditional wear, traditional toys etc. for my family. There were a lot of things to buy and they are quite expensive so you should have bargaining skills. I decided to buy everything in Udaipur style as far as possible and my family loved the gifts I bought. I bought two Udaipur style rings for myself and I love wearing them wherever I go since I bought black ones they suit almost anything I wear. The earnings and bangles I bought were really colourful and have great design.

Universal peace hall at Mount Abu

Serene Mount Abu

On my fourth day on this trip I went to Mount Abu, a four hour long journey after which I went to Brahmakumaris’ Peace Park. The Peace Park is located in the picturesque Aravalli Hills, providing a natural setting for visitors. Mount Abu, the only hill station in the state of Rajasthan, is known for its cool climate and beautiful landscapes. The Brahma Kumaris Peace Park was founded in 1936 by Dada Lekhraj Kripalani also known as Brahma Baba, follow a philosophy that highlights meditation, spiritual awakening, and living a life rooted in values and virtues. The Peace Park is a place of these teachings and offers visitors a great environment for meditation and reflection. In the Peace Park I was able to reflect and meditate while the person was speaking about values and virtues. I learnt a lot about the importance of meditation and spiritual awakening.

Lotus shaped dome in Dilwara temple

Dilwara temples

Next I went to the famous Dilwara temples in Mount abu whose religion is Jainism. Some famous temples are the Luna Vasahi temple, Parshvananth temple, Mahavir Swami temple, etc. These temples have great cultural heritage and rich tradition followed by great design and architecture. Lord Parshvanath is believed to be one of the oldest Dilwara Temples, going back to the 10th century. The temple is known for its beautiful lotus shaped central dome. These Dilwara temples were amazing but phones and cameras are prohibited so I wasn’t able to take any photos. But the architecture is amazing and it must have taken lot of creativity and efforts to do them.

After I was done visiting the Dilwara temples I went to the adventure zone with my friends. The adventure zone was just a place to have fun for some time. There were bow and arrow, walking on obstacle courses in the trees etc. My favourite was the game with the bow and arrow since I was actually able to make a good shot and my arrow was slightly above the centre. In this place I also rode camels and horses. There was also a cart that a man pushes to carry us down and up the hill, I wasn’t able to believe this old man’s strength as he carried four people uphill on the cart himself!

Sweet memories

This was the end of my trip in Rajasthan and I loved it and I was coming back home with sweet memories but then I remembered I am not done yet. I was leaving Rajasthan and heading for Gujarat and there I will board my plane but before boarding, there is one last place to go which is Gujarat’s largest waterpark called the Sharkus water park. The Sharkus water park was really fun especially the tsunami pool. I had fun jumping into those waves as they pushed me back. The second part I liked in this park was the biggest waterslide because it has a big drop and it was thrilling. Next was the lazy river which was very relaxing. After I was done having fun in the water park I got dressed and boarded the bus to the airport. That Ahmedabad water park was fun so I came back with lot of memories. I have only one regret. It was losing my jacket in the water park. You might ask why I brought my jacket to Rajasthan, a very hot place. Well, that is because the AC was too much in the bus. It was very cold. Except that everything went on well. I had a lot of fun. I went back home with my family.

Abhiram Venkat Kondubhatla
Abhiram Venkat Kondubhatla
Abhiram Venkat Kondubhatla is a student at Oakridge School studying 9th class.


  1. Being in Ninth standard ur description and insights into the places of visit are exemplary and as if we are there and remembered the places which I visited 12 years back.
    Hope to see u soon with ur next article
    All the very best.


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