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People of India trust only BJP: Modi

  • Celebrates the huge, historic win in Gujarat
  • Would be constructive opposition in HP and MCD
  • People’s unprecedented mandate is for difficult decisions to be taken

Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke of Janata janardan ke asirvaad. He congratulated the party cadres of the Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh for the party’s grand performance in the recently held assembly elections. These results have come when India is entering the Amrit Kal. New aspirations of the people, the youth, the Dalit, the Adivasis and the oppressed are reflected in the verdict in favour of the BJP.

Speaking in the celebrations at the BJP headquarters in Delhi, Modi hinted at strong decisions. He said the people have given mandate to the BJP to take serious decision. He said the people have once again declared their opposition to the family rule and corruption. He congratulated party president JP Nadda and the people of Gujarat for the record breaking performance. “The people of Gujarat have broken the art of breaking record. The verdict was unprecedented. The people have risen above all kinds of considerations such as religion, caste or region” he said.

Modi stressed on the perception of the youth of Gujarat who are adept at questioning on development activities. BJP has vision and commitment to development. People have voted for BJP in Bihar, UP, Uttarakhand, Assam, Manipur and Goa one after the other. From ‘Victory Gujarat to Victory Bharat,’ the future has to be built. When the country is faced with crisis, the people of India look at the BJP and repose trust in it.  People of India trust only the BJP.

The PM extolled the BJP workers to involve in the service of the nation in great deal. “The country has undergone transformation in the last eight years. Pucca house, toilet, bank account, internet and other facilities are provided to common man for his progress. We are using the technology fully. We don’t run the country on the basis of vote banks. Poverty in India is coming down, according to experts. Road, rail, airport, optical fiber and other infrastructure facilities are being provided. The country does not seek shortcuts. The people of the country are aware whether a measure  is in their interest or not. Every decision taken by us has a long term vision” said Modi.

“There  is another message in today’s mandate. The political parties which think of temporary interests would be rejected by the people. India is vigilant and every country should note this aspect. I am glad to note that whether it is rural or urban, farmer or factory worker, poor or middleclass,  it is the BJP they like. Today, Adivasis are supporting the BJP whole heartedly. Since we have looked at resolving their problems. We have first Rashtrapati from Adivasi community. We have organized a museum of Adivasi freedom fighters” Modi went on.  

“After every election the question often asked is why is that the BJP is being blessed by men and women of all ages. It is for the first time in the history of independent India, the government has been taking care of all their needs. That is why the country’s mothers and daughters bless the lotus symbol. Women’s problems are not election time issues for the BJP. Indian woman is the basis for all the decisions taken by the BJP government.  Sab ka saath, sab kaa viswas, sab ka prayas is the motto of the government” the PM said.

In Gujarat, the BJP won a whopping 156 seats of the total of 182 seats in the Assembly. The Congress ended up with16 seats while AAP bagged five seats and others have taken four seats.

In Himachal Pradesh, out of the total 68 seats, the Congress bagged 40 seats and the BJP got 25. But the difference in the percentage of votes between the winner and the loser was less than one percent. AAP did not win any seat. Independents won three seats.

Earlier, welcoming the prime minister, BJP president JP Nadda spoke of the Congress which has been steadily falling in Gujarat. He ridiculed APP chief Kejriwal for boasting in Gujarat that his party is going to form the government after elections. He has allotted a lot of time in deriding Arvind Kejriwal.  He spoke about Delhi and the deceptive means adopted by Kejriwal.  He said he would assure the country that his party would play the role of constructive opposition in Himachal Pradesh and Municipal Corporation of Delhi. Nadda has congratulated the prime minister for the hard work he did in election campaign.

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