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Huzurabad BJP leader Peddireddy into TRS?

  • Peddireddy’s two days visit to Eatala constituency
  • BJP leader opposed Rajender joining BJP
  • Decision on joining TRS soon

Karimnagar: Former MLA, BJP leader Peddireddy from Huzurabad may join TRS in coming days. After former minister Eatala Rajender joined BJP, Peddireddy is acting strategically and planning a two-day tour in the constituency to discuss his political future with his followers. He is the local saffron leader who opposed Eatala’s joining BJP.

 He will tour constituency on 15th and 16th of June and visit families of those who recently died of Corona. Meetings have been arranged by his followers which became hot topic now. Peddireddy had won twice as MLA from Huzurabad constituency previously. He openly said that he would not support Eatala if he joins BJP and also said  that he would be contesting in the by-election. He is currently making plans and assessing the latest political situation after former minister joined the saffron party.

Peddireddy is reported to be in despair and expressed impatience as none of the BJP leaders had spoken to him so far about Eatala joining the party and what would be his position in the party.

Political analysts believe that Reddy is likely to get into the ring as his social class is strong. It is learned that a press conference will be held in Karimnagar in 15 days after discussing the political future with followers tomorrow and announce a decision.

TTDP President Ramana to join soon

There is speculation that TTDP President L. Ramana will join TRS soon. As per sources, CM K. Chandrasekhar Rao offered MLC post and now the campaign that Ramana will take TRS route is in full swing. Ramana held meeting with his followers and views were taken from them. According to his close associates, Ramana was told that this was the right time to shift the party. Ramana has good raport with Peddireddy as both worked for TDP previously. If these both leaders join TRS, it will be  a setback for Eatala as they can arguably  compensate the TRS for the loss of Etala.



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