Etala and team escapes major flight accident

  • Technical problem in the plane
  • Averted after pilot became alert
  • 200 members along with Eatala on board

New Delhi: Etala Rajender’s team that accompanied him to Delhi escaped flight accident after a technical problem arose during the  take off. The pilot noticed the problem in time  averting a major accident. By the time the flight took off into air, the pilot abruptly stopped the plane. It is well known that team of Eatala Rajender recently departed by a special flight from Hyderabad to Delhi. A total of 200 members including former Minister Eatala Rajender, MLA Raghunandan, former MP Vivek, Enugu Ravinder Reddy and Tula Uma were onboard.

On Monday, Rajender took the membership of BJP in presence of Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan in Delhi. Along with him, former MP Ramesh Rathore, Enugu Ravinder Reddy, TMU leader Aswathama Reddy, Tula Uma and OU JAC leaders joined the BJP.

Rajender is scheduled to reach Shamshabad Airport by 10am today from Delhi. He is scheduled to go to BJP head office at Nampally for the first time after landing in Hyderabad.

The former minister is scheduled to hold a meeting with the leaders. However, there is a possibility that the schedule may change due to a technical problem with the aircraft.


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