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Kandala and Sandra campaign differently to overcome incumbency factor

  • Are Kandala and Sandra campaigning differently for their win?
  • Two BRS MLA candidates relying on their own image
  • Attempting to erase the anti-incumbency factor
  • Trying to present themselves as good samaritans by reminding their help to the poor

‘Mitigate anti-incumbency’ is the action plan of both Palair and Sattupalli BRS candidates Kandala Upender Reddy and Sandra Venkata Veeraiah in their election campaign. Both of them have been trying to overcome the anti-incumbency factor. Kandala is banking on his good deeds for the last five years in the constituency. “I extended financial assistance to sixty percent of poor families in Palair segment. I have confidence of getting their votes in the election. The beneficiaries like Aasara pensioners, Dalit Bandu, DBR house and Rythu Bandu are in my favour,” he said.

Upender Reddy campaigning from jeep top

Interestingly, even the Congress leader or voters dared not criticise him because of his hearty help to the people. K Siva of Tirumalayapalem said, “The BRS candidate is good candidate and there is a little bit opposition against the ruling party. Kandala will get good votes even if there is anti-incumbency situation.”

Kandala Upender Reddy, BRS candidate in Palair talks to people

Upender Reddy campaigned at all habitations in four mandals of Palair constituency and has been making several other promises like extending assistance to the children’s education. There is a little bit discontent among the people on the arrogant attitude of BRS second rung leaders in the constituency. Advisors advocated Kandala to keep away the half a dozen controversial BRS leaders in the election. But, it is not easy for  him to follow the advice at this hour.

Sandra Venkata Veeraiah, BRS candidate in Sattupalli campaigning.

Though Sattupalli ruling party MLA Sandra Venkata Veeraia had a good image in the segment due to his service to the people, the anti-incumbency against the government and the fatigue due to his being a three-term MLA are major concerns to him. Sandra, who noticed the ground realities, swung into action and has been making efforts to tone down the two negative factors. He met strong leaders in BRS and Congress and explained his mind to them. “In case I win, I will be made as minister in the BRS government. In case of BRS government does not come to the power, I will follow your adivice on the future course of action”, he said. His appeal to the key leaders in both the parties seems to be working out in the last minute. Sandra settled the issues bothering various families including personal problems of some people in Sattupalli segment. The youth, tenant farmers, small and marginal farmers, employees and professionals are against the government. The unity being shown by Congress and the services of candidate as a doctor are said to be a problem to the BRS in Sattupalli.

Sandra Venkata Veeraiah on campaigning trail

To counter it, Sandra knocked every door and explained how many benefits –CMRF, pensions, Rythu Bandu and Dalit Bandu- have been provided to them through government. Sandra said, “I had cent percent confidence of my win. I helped 80 percent of the people in my constituency”, he said. (eom)  


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