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No holds barred opportunity to an individual channel to excel…

Contemporary subjects of public concern today are too complex to explain, interest, sensitise and make them understand. And yet the media continues with headline chasing.  No longer one interview or discussion will add on to public sensitivities. For example, so much has been covered of Prashant Kishore over such a long period, but what do people know about his functioning and role?  Or, why poll expenditure is increasing significantly every round of election?

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The structure of discussion between journalists or even by 3-4 participants including experts hardly allow the complexities to be covered. Also, discussion in the context or backdrop of political parties or of a report, does not bring out the depths.

Despite proliferation of channels and number of debates, viewership or readership for such coverage is either on decline or remained stagnant. Adding to this proliferation of social media outlets doing more of same or same by more, has not added to knowledge levels of any section.

There is scope and opportunity for a channel or a commentator to excel and take initiatives, even though it may amount to certain setback in commercial support, it is a matter of time to re-emerge. This is what unleashing power of news sources is all about.

Specific suggestion is discussion on three subjects to take on thread bare.  These are elections, governance-good government and development-divides. These are related to Rejuvenating the Republic before it becomes hundred years. That is next 30 years when we expect to have six general elections.

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  1. How representative are the ones being elected, and how representative are our legislatures? Who selects them, etc. Alternatives.
  • Why so much is spent on polls, for what, who is spending, whose money it is? With whose money the ones in legislatures were elected? Alternatives.
  • Why the campaigns the way they are now, the way they are, why solo, why cannot be together by candidates. Alternatives

Similar discussion on news media, journalism, media priorities, way forward, etc.

And on villages, the little republics of India? Whither the trend?

These are only indicative of serious issues to be discussed in solo at length and with specific alternatives or as better options.

The offer

With over 50 years of pursuit of these aspects in various capacity, and extensive research and reports, I myself offer to any senior and serious media anchor with 4 to 6 programmes of 25mts each.   

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Dr. N. Bhaskara Rao
Dr. N. Bhaskara Rao
Dr. N. Bhaskara Rao has been crusading environmental activism with CMS Vatavaran (www.cmsvatavaran.org) movement last two decades.


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