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Assembly or animal market, Balakrishna fires at YCP

  • Nandamuri family member’s addresses joint press meet on Saturday
  • NTR Jr. and Kalyanram not seen with Nandamuri family, release video bytes separatley
  • Khabardar YCP leaders, Hindupur MLA roars
  • Unfair to insult family members, Pawan Kalyan tweets
  • We, the Nandamuri siblings, were brought up with values, Purandeswari
  • Our MLAs did not comment on Bhuavneswari, says Minister Perni Nani

Amravati: For the first time after TDP was  founded, Nandamuri family members came out collectively (except NTR, Kalyanram and Purandeshwari) to condemn the derogatory comments (as per TDP leaders) allegedly made about Bhuvaneswari, wife of former Chief Minister Chandrababu naidu, which reportedly took place on Friday in AP Assembly. NTR’s family members described it as ‘Barbaric character assassination’ by ruling party leaders and warned to check out their words and mouths before making statements. Actor – turned – politician, Hindupur MLA,  Balakrishna came out with a strong warning saying,” Khabardar, we will not tolerate it if such cheap comments are made on our family members, give respect and take respect, all these years we were silent on Naidu’s advise, but once we step in, no system can save you, we will break all walls and hurdles to counter you” in a cinematic style.

“They used cheap language and resorted to vulgar actions, they have gone personal against my sister, and their behaviour raises doubt whether it is assembly or animal market. There should be healthy debates and not vulgarities. From day one, the TDP is fighting on issue  but not on personal lines. My sister was looking after her family’s heritage business; recently she came up with charity service by donating desktop computers in my constituency, Hindupur. YCP leaders never come out with such activities, Balakrishna added. In order to divert attention from Viveka’s murder issue in which ruling party leaders are involved, YCP resorted to cheap culture, language and actions and with these they should not test the patience of my family. They should fight politically but not with personal agenda in cowardly manner, Balayya said.

Chandrababu Naidu who burst out and Pawan Kalyan counselling leaders of YCP

Unfair to insult family members : Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan

Actor –turned – politician, Pawan Kalyan said it is sad to see Chandrababu Naidu breaking into tears. He took on twitter which reads “the political calamities happening in Andhra Pradesh are causing great concern. At a time, when floods are creating havoc in state, it is unfortunate that people’s representatives are making unacceptable criticism and comments ignoring the grave situation. It is so painful that Honourable Opposition leader Chandrababu Naidu garu shed tears alleging that they spoke insulting his wife causing damage to her honour and respect. They shall be condemned beyond doubt. I herewith recall that I had condemned the comments similarly made by some leaders damaging the image of the family members of CM Sri Jagan Mohan Reddy. I appeal to leaders not to belittle the political system”

We were brought up with values : Purandeshwari

Daggubati Purandeshwari took to twitter to condemn the incident happened in Assembly on Friday. “Am truly hurt by how Smt Bhuvaneswari is subjected to character assassination. We, as siblings, have grown up with values. No way we will compromise with that” Purandeshwari tweeted.

Bhuvaneswari’s name not mentioned: Minister Perni Nani

Transport and Information Minister Perni Nani came with strong counter to the allegations made by Nandamuri family members on YCP MLAs. Chandrababu Naidu was making false allegations to gain sympathy, none of our MLAs mentioned or abused his family members in the assembly, Nani said. There are no such comments in Assembly records, and Chandrababu Naidu is trying to politicise the issue by enacting a drama to defame the Government. Nandamuri family members can check the video footage and feed of assembly, and requested them not to be misled by Naidu’s tactics for political gains.

Purandeswari and NTR Jr.

NTR and Kalyan Ram releases video bytes

Late Harikrishna’s sons, NTR and Kalyanram did not attend the joint press conference held by Nandamuri family members. However, they released separate video bytes. NTR requested politicians to stay away with verbal abuse and our culture is against criticising women and please everyone behave in a responsible manner.

Conclusion: The abusive words used by both political parties in Assembly on Friday were shocking to the a viewer. For political reasons, bringing personal agenda and attacking women with abuse (both parties did it before) is not at all good for Democracy. Let’s hope as said by late NTR, Assembly is temple; it will be kept up as temple in future.


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