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Mukhesh Ambani’s case: SUV man alleged harassment by police, journalists

Mumbai: Hiren Mansukh, 45, a car parts dealer, whose SUV car was found parked at the residence of top industrialist of the country Mukhesh Ambani, wrote a letter a few days before his death complaining that he was being harassed by police and journalists. The car was found to have been full of explosives. The letter was addressed to Chief Minister of Maharashtra Uddhav Thackeray, Home Minister Anil Deshpande and the Mumbai Police Chief Param Bir Singh. The dealer was found lying near a creek in Mumbai on Friday. He was missing since Thursday and his wife said he had gone to meet his ‘Sahab.’ A case of accidental death has been filed by the police. According to the home minister, the case has been transferred to anti-terrorism Squad.

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In fact, the SUV that was found near Ambani’s residence is owned by Sam Muteb and Mansukh did the interior work of the car. He was not the owner, as earlier reports said. In his letter written on March 2, Mansukh complained that the car was stolen from his garage and the police were harassing him. When Mansukh was found dead former chief minister and BJP leader Devendre Fadnavis demanded that the case be transferred to National Investigation Agency.

The person who was parking the car at Ambani’s residence was caught by security cameras (CCTV) but the picture was hazy and the man appeared to be wearing mask and a hoodie.

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