Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Mega Star Tests negative

  • After 3 different tests, doctors concluded he is Covid negative
  • Earlier result was due to faulty RT-PCR kit

Hyderabad: Megastar Chiranjeevi tested negative for Covid on Friday. It was personally tweeted by him on Twitter. Chiranjeevi said that after repeating tests by a group of doctors, in different methods, they concluded that he was negative from Covid-19. He also said that the first result which showed positive was due to a faulty kit of RT-PCR which is used to test corona.

He took to twitter to share the happy news. He further said that after coming to know that he is positive in the first test, he started basic medication at home. He did not find any symptoms for two days. He was surprised and went to Apollo hospital and had chest CT-scan. Even the scan results did not find any traces of virus in lungs. Second test was done at Tenet lab where three kits were used for the test and the result was negative. And at last on Sunday, he had a test in the lab where it showed positive earlier. And today he received report from the lab stating ‘Negative”.
He thanked one and all who showed concern, affection and love during this period.

Health minister calls Mega Star

Telangana Health Minister Etela Rajender made a call to Chiranjivi in the evening and wished him speedy recovery. Pawan kalian, younger brother of Chiranjivi also wished the same when he heard that Chiru was Covid positive. ‘Though Annayya was not showing any symptoms, he was Covid positive which disappointed me because he was taking utmost care from day one the pandemic entered India’, Pawan earlier said.

There were speculations earlier when he tested positive that reason might be not wearing mask when he met Telangana CM at Pragathi Bhavan. He also attended actor, music director Kunche Raghu’s daughter wedding where huge fans hugged him without masks.



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