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Manchu Vishnu makes sensational comments on Chiranjeevi

  • Megastar advised Vishnu to withdraw from elections
  • Won’t accept resignations of Nagababu and Prakash Raj
  • Ram Charan is close friend of mine, Tarak made first call to wish
  • Will meet CM’s of Telugu States, Vishnu in media interaction

Hyderabad: Manchu Vishnu addressing media made a sensational comment on Chiranjeevi and this remark may spark a row in coming days as per Tollywood sources. There is cold war running between Mega family and Mohanbabu’s for the past few years. This was denied by the two celebrities many times saying that it is only Tom and Jerry game between them but not rivalry.

But the comments made by Vishnu, which should not have come up as the elections were over and to cool down the heat created during campaign. Instead, Manchu Vishnu said that Chiranjeevi advised him to withdraw from elections. But he smoothly rejected and fought in the election and at the end victory was his.

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“Thanks to the members for electing me as President. I am indebted to al members who put trust in me. Actors who were busy in other states also came and gave their blessings to make me win. Our Panel worked hard till we won, but it is bad luck that some members of our panel lost. Few won from Prakash Raj’s  panel. We will include them and will work together as one team.” Vishnu said addressing media.

“I do not accept resignations of Naga Babu and Prakash raj. I will go and talk to both of them about this soon. Ram Charan is a close friend of mine. I received first phone call from Tarak after winning polls. They also support me. We will meet CM’s of Telugu states very soon and will discuss about the issues to be resolved, Vishnu further said.

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