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Mask for all, no exemption for celebrities

  • Mask is better than Vaccine
  • Wear Mask and maintain social distancing
  • CM KCR, Chiranjeevi and Nagarjuna were seen without masks

These are the advices we have been hearing from day one after Covid pandemic attack in India since March. Videos and posters were released, ads were given in electronic media, print media, posters released both by state and central governments to create awareness in public. These all are meant for prevention as there is no particular medicine for its cure until now.

PM addressed the nation many a times exhorting the countrymen  to be extremely careful and wear mask during festive seasons as there is a chance of increase in cases.

Mask only for common people, what about celebrities?

We have seen strict rules and regulations from government with fines for not wearing masks across many states in India. Karnataka, UP, Andhra, Telangana and few more States fined people for their negligence in wearing masks when they venture outside. This was  appreciated by people, but what about celebrities? Is this rule meant only for common people?

Chiranjeevi tests Covid positive

We have read in newspapers and on twitter messages from  many politicians and film bigwigs that they were covid positive and people who met them recently should take care. When we see the pictures circulating in social media, it is a pity to see all these celebrities are not taking proper care. Amitabh Bachan, late S.P. Balasubrahmanyam, Rajasekhar , are few examples from film world who were afflicted by the virus.  

Who should tell  political leaders

We have seen political leaders without masks and not observing  social distancing during the recent by-election in states and assembly election in Bihar. The campaign is run on speeches, rallies, crowd pulling but the precautions were not at all visible during this period. Is this the value we are giving to the lives of the people? Moreover, the lives of those who represents the people are also important.

Get well soon, Chiranjeevi

Tollywood bigwig Chiranjeevi, unfortunately, tested positive for Covid on Monday when mandatory test was done before starting the shoot for his upcoming film ‘Acharya.’ He, along with Nagarjuna met Telangana CM and others at Pragathi Bhavan to donate for  Chief Minister’s Relief Fund. The visuals show clearly both Chiranjeevi and  Nagarjuna were not seen with mask and very closely moved with CM and others. Even CM was also seen without a mask.

Chiranjeevi tests Covid positive

Chiranjeevi attended Music director, actor, Raghu Kunch’e daughter’s wedding on the 4th without mask which is a worrying factor.  Chiranjeevi, actor turned-politician-turned-actor, has huge following across South India and all are  tense after coming to know that their hero has tested Covid positive. Chiranjeevi, who made small videos on awareness of Covid is now infected with the virus and let us hope he will come out of this very soon and will start shooting for  ‘Acharya’  and create wonders on silver screen.

Please wear mask, maintain social distancing and sanitize your hands frequently.


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