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Etela Rajender sidelined by KCR, Speculations in TRS Party

  • CM’s meet with ministers on various issues
  • Etela gets no call from CM KCR for Pragathi Bhavan meet
  • Etela says, he doesn’t know the reason
  • Intensive debate in TRS circles

Hyderabad: CM K. Chandrasekhar Rao’s meet with various ministers on Friday at Pragathi Bhavan witnessed surprise scenario. CM KCR made a call  to a few ministers to meet him urgently at Pragathi Bhavan. They met and had lunch with CM but senior minister Etela Rajender was not seen at the meet. It lead to an intensive and extensive debate in TRS circles.

Don’t know reason, says Etela Rajender

When questioned by media, Etela Rajender said he did not know the exact reason for not getting call from CM for the meet. As per his colleagues, CM gave call to ministers available nearby in the wake of MLC elections, but the presence of Gangula Kalamlakar from Karimnagar district raised questions about the differences between the health minister and CM. Etela’s aides say there is something else which can’t be revealed now.

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Etela is in Hyderabad since morning and his residence is close to Pragathi Bhavan. He has been monitoring the situation of COVID and vaccination at temporary secretariat, BRK Bhavan. Rajender did not have the least information about the meet.

What was the purpose of Pragathi Bhavan meet?

KCR reached Pragathi Bhavan at 11.30 am from his farm house on Friday. A list of minsters to be invited was given to the chief mininster’s aides at Pragathi Bhavan.  Almost 10 ministers received call who rushed to meet CM. It is known that the gap between Ministers and Pragathi Bhavan has been widened after the talk about making  KTR chief minister has crossed a limit. The setback for party in recent elections was also discussed as per sources. KCR was also interested to know who are favouring him and who are not in other words who are foreigners and who are his close aides through this meeting. There was no proper clarification from Pragathi Bhavan when questioned about some ministers not getting a call.

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Is this the Mess?

For a  few days, there were speculations on social media and print media that the gap between Etela Rajender and KCR has widened. Few went a step forward stating that Etela will float new party.

A TRS MLA who is not interested to reveal his name said that officers won’t listen to Rajender and even the work of health department is monitored directly from Pragati Bhavan. The budget proposals are also made and sent by officers without the minister’s knowledge. “I think, KCR strongly believes that Etela was one who spoiled his plans of making KTR chief minister, and the CM  does not trust  Etela,” he concluded. Minister from Karimnagar, Gangula Kamalakr, was given a call by CM and was given in charge of Hyderabad, leaving Etela aside.

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Harish comes into action

KCR once again gave priority to Finance Minister Harish Rao for upcoming MLC elections. Harish Rao was confined to Medak district for past few months and even for GHMC elections, he was given charge of only Patencheruvu Assembly constituency, which falls in Medak district. But the BJP’s surge in Telangana made KCR to rethink on trouble shooter, Harish Rao, and was given in charge of crucial Ranga Reddy district for MLC elections. This sudden change in treatment of Harish Rao by KCR surprised everyone, because Harish Rao was confined to Siddipet for the past two months.

Ministers who attended meet were Harish Rao, Sabitha Indra reddy, Gangula Kamlakar, Malla Reddy, Niranjan Reddy, Srinivas Goud, Vemula Prashanth Reddy, Mahmood Ali and K. Kesava Rao, MP.

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