Saturday, April 13, 2024

Partnering for making Bangalore roads safer

In a move towards enhancing road safety in Bangalore, a group of 13 organisations, coordinated by India Vision Institute (IVI), a national NGO working in primary eye care and vision and road safety, met on Friday  at the Science Gallery to tackle the pressing issue of road accidents and fatalities. 

The ‘Alliance for Road Safety’ met to address the city’s road safety concerns and to promote collaboration, advocacy, and find innovative solutions to ensure safer roads for all.

IVI’s CEO Vinod Daniel said, “With the alarming rise in road accidents globally, including in India and in cities such as Bangalore, the meeting assumes importance to recognize the need for concerted action through the combined efforts of organisations working for a common goal. It is known that a significant number of road accidents are attributed to impaired vision. Regular eye check-ups for commercial vehicle and truck drivers can help identify potential issues and address them proactively.” 

“In addition to advocacy for policies and initiatives that prioritize road safety, raise awareness about the importance of responsible driving behaviour and promote education on road safety practices, we hope this group of organisations and individuals can help promote engaging with local communities, schools, and grassroots organizations, to enable us empower individuals to take ownership of road safety and foster a culture of responsible road behaviour,” Mr Daniel noted.

Earlier, during National Road Safety Week 2024, IVI organised a meeting on January 19 at Center of Excellence for Road Safety, IIT Madras with organisations involved in road safety to share knowledge and explore collaboration opportunities to create a Road Safety alliance for Chennai. Fifteen organisations joined the meeting that discussed possible areas for collaboration to make Chennai roads safer.

IVI acknowledges the support of Shell India for the two meetings.


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