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Anti – BJP forces behind Sec’bad arson, alleges lawyer

  • Political conspiracy behind riots
  • Police knew the real culprits and masterminds behind arson
  • Subba Rao belongs to AP and targeted by Police
  • Accused lawyer Alexander makes sensational claims

Hyderabad: Secunderabad Railway station attack case is taking twists and turns as days progressed. On Saturday, Alexander, key accused Subba  Rao’s lawyer, made sensational allegations in the case by stating that there is a clear cut political conspiracy behind the riots. He said the riots were caused by anti-BJP forces and his client was deliberately dragged  in the case. He further stated that the police knew very well who the rioters were and who the real masterminds behind the arson but Subba Rao was implicated in the case to protect the real culprits. There was not a single WhatsApp group that was created by my client. If the Government announces any scheme, the Opposition will come forward to oppose it. Supporting it and inciting some kind of violence, it  is the process of gaining pleasure of scoring points against the Government and this is what happened in the case, Alexander claimed.

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What does remand report say?

 Avula Subba Rao is the main accused in Secunderabad riots case. He is Director of Sai Defence Academy established in the year 2014 at Narasaropet of Guntur district. He earlier worked in the army as a nursing assistant and came out of service in the year 2011.  He used to rent function halls where army recruitment was taking place and brings the candidates who are qualified in the physical tests. He used to train them for medical tests and used to assure the job for them if they take coaching in their academy.

It is Subba Rao all the way

It is learned that Subba Rao was taking a bond of Rs 3 lakh along with the original certificates of the candidates for admission in the coaching center. Subba Rao is losing about Rs 45 crore due to the central government’s Agneepath scheme. That is why he wanted to bring pressure  by the students on Central government to recall the Agnipath Scheme and enabling the old practice of testing. Candidates who had taken up coaching near Subbarao in the absence of Army examination formed the Hakimpet Soldiers Group. Key accused booked a hotel in Boduppal on June 16th, a day before attack and called upon Siva, Malla Reddy, Basi Reddy  and planned for rampage and riot at Secunderabad station. Accused also spent 35,000 for flexis, transport to station, for food pockets as per police remand report.

Subba Rao explained to members of the WhatsApp group that Bihar-style destruction was needed in order to stall Agnipath, said Superintendent of GRP B. Anuradha. Police found that he had sent audio messages to go to Secunderabad station with petrol bottles. Later accused gave instructions to delete all whatsApp groups from their mobiles and also exit from groups as per police.


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