Saturday, March 2, 2024

Joe Biden on the way to White House

  • Biden gains lead in Georgia after 99% counting of votes completed
  • Pennsylvania slipping away from Trump
  • Niveda and Arizona in pockets of Democrats

Washington DC: Now the path for Biden for white House is getting cleared after the results from Georgia, Arizona and Niveda appear to be  trending towards Democrats. US Presidential Election which took place on Nov 3 is projected has record turnout in the past 120 years with 66.9% polling. The trend of Georgia going in favour of Biden makes Trump’s path for 270 more difficult.

Trump came up harshly on the procedure of counting by saying ‘tremendous corruption and fraud was included in mail-in-ballots’. Joe Biden said he has no doubt in emerging winner and requested people to stay calm. We can see a clear defeat looming  on the face of Trump who came with a statement from White House that if legal votes are counted, he will win. Trump’s sons came in support for their father by saying that Republicans did not back up when he is struggling in re-election.

Secret Services are moving towards Joe Biden to help him with a guess that he will be declared winner few hours from now. Even Biden started talks with health officials on controlling  Covid pandemic.

Voters went on to vote against Trump rather than voting for Biden. It’s a negative vote for Trump rather than a positive vote for Biden. Trump lost voters’ confidence by mishandling the Corona virus pandemic.

Key demographics that negatively affected Trump:

1) Educated suburban white women. (Trump had a 20% majority over Hillary in this demographic in 2016)

2) African Americans. (Black lives matter and Kamala Harris being on the ticket).

What happens if there is a tie in result? With key four  states results yet to be announced, analysts are busy  calculating what will happen if there is a tie between two candidates which is not ruled out. If both get 269 each of 538, then the decision will be taken by US Congress. With one vote from each state delegate, the House of Representatives moves forward and will announce President who will get 26 votes( total 50 states).


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