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India, Pakistan take most sensible decision

• To adhere to 2003 ceasefire
• Political parties in J&K welcome the move

New Delhi: It is good news from India-Pakistan borders. That India and Pakistan have agreed to adhere to 2003 ceasefire which came into effect from February 24-25 would be welcomed by all peace loving people across the world, especially the people of India and Pakistan, and particularly the people of J&K. It is a good augury coming after the decision to pull back the troops by China and India a fortnight ago. This part of the world remained most conflict-prone and dangerous area for some years. It is a matter great sagacity on the part of Narendra Modi of India and Imran Khan of Pakistan who gave their nod to the negotiations successfully conducted by Directors General of Military Operations (DGMOs) of India and Pakistan.

DGMOs statement

“In the interest of achieving mutually beneficial and sustainable peace along the borders, the two DGMOs agreed to address each other’s core issues and concern which have propensity to disturb peace and lead to violence,” the statement issues simultaneously in Delhi and Islamabad said. If there are any misunderstandings arising in future they promised to resolve them through the hotline, established on February 22, and flag meetings.

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Bringing down levels of violence

Indian sources have made it clear that there would be no let up in the anti-infiltration operations being conducted by Indian forces. The Indian Army would retain its right to respond. What was made was an attempt to bring down the levels of violenced. Anurag Srivatsava, a spokesperson of the Indian external affairs ministry, said on Thursday, “ India desires normal neighbourly relations with Pakistan. We have always maintained that we are committed to addressing issues, if any, in a peaceful bilateral manner.” He also said that India’s position remains unchanged on key issues.

‘A step in the right direction’

This initiative was welcomed by the political parties in Jammu & Kashmir. National Conference (NC), People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Hurriat and other regional parties have expressed happiness at the development. They have been feeling suffocating ever since the Indian government clamped restrictions on the regions keeping the political leaders under house arrest for months together. They have been since released. “Big and welcome development,” said Mahbooba Mufti. She said “dialogue is the only way forward if both countries want to stop the unending cycle of violence and bloodshed across the borders.” “These measures would go a long way towards sustainable peace between the two countries,” president of National Conference and a Member of Parliament Farooq Abdullah said. His party has always been a strong votary of India-Pakistan peace, he said. Hurriat chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq described the development as ” a step in the right direction.” He also said the aspirations of the people of Jammu & Kashmir have to be borne in mind by the leaders of India and Pakistan for sustained peace and tranquility in the region. Jammu Muslim Front chairman Shuja Zaffar also welcomed the move.



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