Tuesday, February 27, 2024

IT Companies to start from March

  • Corona diminished, vaccine arrived, say companies CEO
  • Office better than home, feel employees
  • TFMC appeals Government to vaccinate frontline workers

Hyderabad: It looks that IT companies are planning to open their offices from March 1st week in Hyderabad. Almost 3000 companies, small and medium, have sent e-mails to their employees in this regard. At any cost, 50% of these companies are eager to reopen their offices which have been closed since March last year due to COVID pandemic. They want to keep an end for Work From Home arrangement and start with full capacity again.

Vaccine arrived, Corona diminished:

Main reason to reopen the IT offices is the arrival of vaccine for Corona as per IT Companies heads. They feel that Corona has diminished in a drastic way for a few months. But mualtinational companies still want to continue with work from home concept until next year, but small and medium companies have started sending e-mails to their employees asking them to attend offices from March 1st. Decision of reopening of offices was not as harmful as in the past, say IT HR officials.

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Will follow COVID Guidelines:

All arrangements are being made to fully comply with COVID guidelines in the companies. Employees will be allowed only with masks along with sanitization. Few have plans to arrange seats keeping two metre distance as well. Telangana Facilities Management Council(TFMC) has appealed to government to vaccinate the security and cleaning staff of the IT companies as they are said to be frontline workers in the companies.

Office better than home:

Employees say that office is better when compared to Work from home. ” We started enthusiastically when work from home concept started, but there was decline in the quality of work as days passed,” say IT employees .The lack of working environment and family commitments made the employees to distract from work. There is no time to relax and absence of colleagues also one of the reasons, said another IT employee. Working the whole day with frequent office calls and video conferences increased our work load and stress, said another employee. There were complaints of network issues also at home forcing all these companies to stop work from home. All are eagerly waiting when this work from home policy will end. Nearly 6.5 lakh IT employees are working from home right now. They strongly feel that office is better than home as there is no one to ask when in doubt and got bored missing their colleagues.

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