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Is Vendetta Politics a curse on the people?

  • Is there any prima facie evidene in the cases against Chandrababu Naidu?
  • Is mutual respect between CM and Opposition leader a dire need?
  • Do people consider the action against Naidu vindictive?
  • What is the option before the people if no ruler behaves like Dharmaraja?  

The discussion among the people on vindictive attitude of politicians has been going on in Andhra Pradesh. Will it hinder the development of the state? It is a big question now. What kind of relationship should be there between the Leader of the House and Opposition Leader? Are there any proper guidelines and parameters on their relationship? But, the common understanding is – the Opposition leader should act as a watch dog to prevent any discrepancies in government policies. The ruling establishment should accept the good advices rendered by the opposition leader. Allegations and counter-allegations between the two is common in any State. In Andhra Pradesh, however, it is the era of vindictive politics. Is there any way out?

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The question raised by former MP Vundavalli Aruna Kumar in his petition in Supreme Court on passing of the AP Reorganisation Bill in Parliament is apt for the present discussions. He said, “Any big scam can be done easily if the ruling party and opposition have colluded in money matters. So, collusion among ruling party and opposition is most dangerous. They (ruling party leader and opposition leader) can earn any amount of money and earn properties for themselves in that kind of a situation.”

What are the consequences for (harm or benefits) the people of vindictive politics? In the words of K Phani Kumar, a journalist, “In my perception, filing cases against former chief ministers on graft issues is not at all wrong. Such audit against former government’s financial transactions should be done by the next government and discrepancies should be exposed through legal institutions. It should be made as tradition and such practice will create a fear in the political parties and prevent them from brazenly making massive frauds. The political parties should fear about siphoning off government funds through illegal means”. Chief Minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy and Leader of the Opposition Nara Chandrababu Naidu are political rivals and there is no  friendship between them. The rivalry had commenced between them after impleading petition was filed by the then TD Parliamentary Party leader K Yerren Naidu in Jagan’s Disproportionate Assets case.

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Kasara Rajasekhara Reddy, an advocate, said, “There is no loss to the people with the political vendetta cases. If we condemn the SkillDevelopment case, we should also oppose TD’s Impleading petition in Jagan’s DA case. There is no harm to the people with these cases and the looting of public money can be checked with it. Every common man should invite such cases. Naidu or Jagan will come out of the cases if they were found not guilty by the courts. The CID Court dismissed all the petitions filed by Naidu’s advocates because it found prima facie in the remand report of CB-CID”.

Another misgiving expressed on such vindictive attitude is – the development of the state will be hindered. Gundugolamu Narasimha Rao, retired employee of AP government said, “There will be no adverse impact on the government programmes because of such cases. Welfare schemes and development programmes will go on without any problem. Vindictive politics is only option when there was no Dharmaraja and the two were (ruling party leader and opposition party leader) had the attitude of Duryodhana. The misdeeds of the politicians will be unearthed when their rivals are in power and the people can always choose the lesser evil among them”. (eom)

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