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IndiaWithArnab, a signature campaign

After Arnab Goswami, the founder of Republic TV, was arrested and allegedly manhandled in Mumbai on Wednesday morning, a signature campaign has been launched in the name of “IndiaWithArnab”. An appeal is making rounds in the social media asking people to sign the campaign. The arrest of the famous journalist has been roundly condemned by the Editors Guild of India and other bodies representing journalist across the country. The following is the test of the appeal:

IndiaWithArnab, a signature campaign

Arnab Goswami was physically assaulted in his home this morning and thereafter arrested in a case which was previously investigated and closed. Seen in the police van outside the Alibag Police Station, Arnab Goswami’s arm showed multiple bruises. Arnab also told the court about the Police beating him on his spine. As the fight for justice spills on to the streets across India and as the people of India come together to rise against the prevailing emergency in Maharashtra, sign the petition which is LIVE on Republic world. Sign the petition on petition.republicworld.com and raise your voice against the trampling of fundamental rights in Maharashtra. Come together and roar #IndiaWithArnab.

IndiaWithArnab, a signature campaign

The Maharashtra government which was provoked by Arnab Goswami has walked into his trap. Now he can rightfully claim to be a victim of authoritarian ways of the coalition government of Maharashtra and position himself as a saviour of press freedom. As Expected, Amit Shah, union home minister, and other BJP leaders have condemned the way the editor was arrested and treated shabbily by the police. Amit Shah was championing the press freedom for a change.

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  1. These goons have certainly crossed the limit. They will very soon get their just desserts. That will be w victory for our country. It should be done in a way so that no one can ever do this again!!

  2. This time they have really crossed their limits. All this will blow away as it has no roots. Arnab will be free along with our democratic republic country

  3. उद्धव ठाकरे संजय राउत, परमवीर सिंह सुनलो ।तुम अब पताल मे भी छिप जाओगे फिर भी अब नहीं बचेगा ।कियो की अब घायल शेर अपनी शिकार को छोरता नहीं है ।. अर्नब गोस्वामी का तुम लोग कुछ नही कर सकते हो.

  4. Maharastra CM has become toy at the hands of Antonio maino & culprit politician Sharad pawar
    However, sanjay Rawat himself sold to NCP & CONGRESS to finish Shiv sena in state , Mumbai police under great confusion under the leadership of weak & imatured DGP param bir singh.
    Above said all anti nationalist, thiefs & Shameless people are acting against ARNABJI.
    They fail because they belong to devil community.


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