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Harpreet Singh, First Female CEO for IA

  • She was the first woman pilot to be selected by Air India in 1988
  • Currently working as AI’s Executive Director
  • Nivedita Bhasin will take over her role of ED

Hyderabad: Who said women are backward  and can’t do all kinds of jobs? Here is a clear example to show that  they can do wonders. Harpreet Singh, who could not fly due to health reasons after getting selected as pilot for AI in 1988, now became CEO for Indian Airlines. She worked as  head of the  Indian  Women Pilots Association.

Harpreet received an order by AI Chairman and Managing Director, Rajiv Bhansal, which states that” You (Harpreet) will hold the charge of  alliance AI CEO till further orders.”  Nivedita Bhasin , senior commander of AI, will take over the place of Harpreet and several other departments given her experience, Bhansal  said.

Harpreet Singh was the first woman pilot selected by AI in 1988 who was very active in the area of flight safety but she could not fly at that time due to various health reasons. Among Indian carriers, AI holds the highest ratio  of women pilots, which witnessed more woman pilots applying for jobs in mid 1980’s and in 2005. Globally Women pilot ratio is  at an average of 2-3% whereas in India it is about 10%.


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