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Had BJP won in Karnataka there would have been….

Photo writeup: Mysore Maharaja Dasara celebrations

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Had Modi won the Karnataka battle, the BJP must have held the swearing-in ceremony in no less grandeur than Mysore Maharaja would have done for his coronation. Had DK gotten his way and been made CM, we would have seen the celebrations in splendid style, though we could not expect the scale the  BJP can conduct. Karnataka has been the fundraising state for BJP for long. Gali was once a blue-eyed boy to Advani and Sushma. On a lesser scale, the K Congress contributed to High Command Coffers. DK became a fundraiser for Sonia with his Rs 3000 crores wealth in the background and intricate connections to business and industry. Not the poor Siddhu.

When Modi became PM in 2014, according to the nascent Historian Kangana Rout, true independence had ushered in India, and naturally the 1st PM in the Independent India had coronation-esque celebrations. Our rulers, especially the BJP, have no qualms about simplicity. Everything should be done in a grandiloquent manner.

A grand Parliament costs Rs 1250 cr. The largest statue did cost Rs 2700 crores. The new PM residence costs Rs 470 crores. The PMO will be ensconced in the Executive Block, costing Rs 1200 crores. This is all when the 90% of the Indian populace is in economic turmoil.

After all, India is just not a ‘developing nation’. It is invited to G7 as a guest. Now our PM is in Hiroshima. We are presiding over G20. We bestowed ourselves with the Viswaguru title. We are the Grandmother of all the democracies. Koi shak?

An anecdote about simplicity. This was in June 2014.  Prakash Javadekar, an affable man to the press and long served as Minister for Environment, was leaving for Delhi Airport to attend an International Seminar in Kenya. After travelling just 2 KMs from his residence, the PMO called him, and Prakash got a dressing down. The Big Brother Modi learned that Prakash was wearing a Tea shirt and Jeans. Prakash was forced to change his dress into more formal attire mid way. BBM was too keen on micro details. Everyone wondered how BBM watched All the Prime Minster’s Men and Women so closely, how they were clad, and what they wore.

Modi has a penchant for Royal style. No one has seen him wearing his dress for the second time.

Let us digress a bit. I don’t know how the people of the UK and some European Countries are still tolerating monarchies.

According to Forbes, the British Royals ‘ net worth is $ 28 billion. Add $ 500 million personal property of the deceased Queen Elizabeth. They never pay taxes. In April 2023, The Guardian published a newly uncovered document showing a transfer of shares worth £1,000 in the slave-trading Royal African Company to King William III in 1689. The Guardian has been conducting investigations into ” Cost of the Crown”.

The funeral of Queen Elizabeth cost the British Public $20 crores. The coronation of King Charles this year cost the UK citizens another $12.5 cr. All this is done when the UK is simmering with a cost of living crisis.

Do we still need the Royals? Do we need large, larger, and the largest statues? Do we need a functioning Parliament or a grandiose edifice called New India’ Parliament?

PS: 1 Ajay  Misra, MOS at Home Affairs, responsible for killing a student leader in 2000, was acquitted by the Lucknow Bench of HC. His son Ashish Misra is on bail, in a case wherein he is accused of ramming his car over the demonstrating peasant against the farm laws in Lakhimpur Kheri resulting in the killing of eight peasants.  Long live Justice!

2. Demonetisation 2.0: Rs 2000 notes  are withdrawn from circulation. At last, the last remnants of corruption have ended. Acche din Aagaye!

3. The Central Government announced an ordinance to nullify the SC judgment in the Delhi Government case. SC proposes Modi disposes. Dhankar Ji is right. Parliament is Supreme and has absolute powers. Heil, mein Fuhrer!

20 May 23

Subrahmanyam Varanasi
Subrahmanyam Varanasi
Subrahmanyam Varanasi, Social activist and advocate from Guntur.


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