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Fundamental Questions

There are clear answers to certain fundamental questions in Hindu religion.

1. Why am I born?

You are born to fulfil your karma.

2 .What is the purpose of my life?

The purpose of your life is achieving Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha.

3. How do I achieve that purpose of life?

The way to achieve the four Purushaardhaas is by controlling Kama, Krodha, Lobha, Mada, Moha, Matsarya.

In short doing everything sincerely and trying to be good by lessening ego, selfishness.

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Rajendra Singh Baisthakur
Rajendra Singh Baisthakur
Rajendra Singh Baisthakur had been a Lecturer in English. He is a poet, critic and translator. His interests are Literature, Philosophy and social media.


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