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Etala Rajender Joins BJP

  • Will work for democratic Telangana
  • Evil regime will be overthrown
  • Attacks KCR at Delhi media meet

New Delhi: Former Telangana minister Eatala Rajender will start a new political life from Tuesday as he joined BJP on Monday, changing his political colour from pink to saffron. Ending  his almost 20 years association with Chief Minister and TRS chief  K. Chandrasekhar Rao (KCR) and his journey with TRS (one of the founders of the party) ,Rajender joined BJP in the presence of Union Minister of petroleum Dharmender  Pradhan in Delhi. The Union Minister felt that Rajender’s joining will strengthen BJP in Telangana and will help the party  to come to power in 2023 assembly elections. Along with Rajender former MLA of Ellareddy Enugu Ravinder Reddy, former Karimnagar Zilla Parishad chairperson Tula Uma, former MP Ramesh Rathore, TMU leader Ashwatthama Reddy, OU student leaders, were welcomed with saffron scarf by Tarun Chug, Telangana state in-charge of the BJP.

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The event was attended by Minister of State for Home Affairs Kishan Reddy, Telangana BJP president Bandi Sanjay, party MPs Dharmapuri Aravind, Soyam Bapurao, National Vice President DK Aruna, MLA Raghunandan Rao and others.

Speaking to the media after joining the party, Rajender attacked KCR. His mentality is that it is better to rule alone and he is not  prepared to share power with others. Despite the absolute majority, the Congress and the TDP  MLAs have been wooed into the TRS and despite having absolute majority he did not form a cabinet for three months, Eatala said.

“Is there a single minister in Telangana who can work peacefully? KCR has never believed in democracy. KCR will not respect the views of others. All activists in Telangana from tomorrow will work under the BJP flag,” said Eatala. He said  democracy is being murdered in Telangana and that there would be influxes into the BJP from all districts in near future.

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“If you ask the MLAs who are with KCR to put their hand on heart and tell if they  live in peace?  There is no tradition of listening in the TRS. We came to a decision only after many conflicts. There are still hundreds of leaders who are angry with the TRS. Our agenda from tomorrow is to bring the people’s representatives from all over Telangana under one umbrella.

“We will work for a democratic Telangana. First of all, my agenda is to overthrow the evil regime. Karimnagar is the focal point for major change … change does not happen in moments,” Rajender said addressing media.

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