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Endaro Mahanubhavulu……

SreeRagam 13

SreeRagam, one of the finest Ragas of Carnatic origin, echoes through Endaro Mahanubhavulu andariki vandanamulu, a timeless composition from Thyagaraja. It strikes a chord with the hearts of Telugu speaking people irrespective of their musical skills. The humility of Tyagaraja resonates in each of the verses in the composition . The lyrical and musical extravaganza of this Sree raga Kriti fills our hearts with devotion.

Tyagaraja says, “My salutations to all the noble souls…

He portrays and pays his obeisance to those great beings who were blessed to experience the supreme bliss and worshipped the lotus feet of Lord Rama.

Tyagaraja amalgamated spiritual and vedic wisdom into this perpetual composition with sublime lyrical and musical aesthetics.

One of the five gems, Pancha ratna kritis, of Tyagaraja, EndaroMahanubhavulu occupies an exalted position among the Pancha ratna Kritis.

Sree raga is a janya raga of the 22nd Melakarta Kharaharapriya ragam and is also one of the five Ghana ragas (the others are Nata, Goula, Arabhi and Varali) Sree raga is also as popular as its parent raga, Kharaharapriya. Madhyamavathi is another raga, which is close to Sree raga.


Arohanam : S R2 M1 P N2 S’

Avarohanam : S’ N2 P D2 N2 P M1 R2 G2 R2 S

It is a vakra raga (the notes are zig zag in avarohana), and does not use gandharam (ga) and daivatham (da) in arohana.


Sree raga, as the name suggests, is one of the most auspicious and ancient ragas. It evokes moods of bhakti, karuna and serenity. It creates a robust ambience with the raga swaras exuding vibrancy and positivity.

Since it is an antique raga, several composers including the musical trinity of Tyagaraja, Deekshitar and Syama Sastry contributed to the vast repertoire of Carnatic classical music.


Nama Kusumamula, Yuktamugadu are the other two important compositions of Tyagaraja.


Sri Varalakshmi Namostute is the most popular kriti of Deekshitar along with other invaluable compositions like Sri Muladhara Chakra Vinayaka, Sri Kamalambike, SriViswanatham Bhaje, all of them in Sanskrit.

SyamaSastri’s Karuna Judu Nannu portrays the emotions of karuna and bhakti.

Among film songs,


Srirastu subhamastu (Pelli Pustakam)

Tellavarakamunde Palle Lechindi (Mutyala Pallaki)

Gorinta puchindi komma lekunda (Gorintaku)

Nela Raja, Vennela Raja (Malleswari)


Tere Bina Zindagi (Andhi) is one of the popular songs of yesteryears.

Sreelakshmi Avadhanam
Sreelakshmi Avadhanam
Sreelakshmi Avadhanam is a journalist, content writer, freelance translator and is trained in Carnatic classical music. She also holds a Master’s degree in music. Playing the Veena and singing have been a part of her life since childhood. She also performs on stage whenever an opportunity arises. 
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