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Eluru Mystery: Pesticide particles caused catastrophe

  • How these pesticides entered human body?
  • AP govt concludes by saying long term study required
  • AIIMS and IICT to study case further as ordered by CM Jagan

Eluru: Mystery illness which made 600 residents fell ill and one person died was due to pesticide particles as per report submitted by AIIMS and IICT. Report which was forwarded to AP government concludes that main cause these pesticides which entered into human body, but said a long term study is required to establish further proof. This keeps an end temporarily for two week speculations on mysterious illness.

AP Govt on Wednesday said that experts of AIIMS and Indian Institute of chemical Technology have opined that pesticides are the reason or illness that had virtual review on the situation with AIIMS experts. Patients illness is due to organochlorine used in pesticides and this might have entered through food cycle into humans, experts opined.Pesticides containing organochlorine was banned in many devlopin countries as they are found to be highly toxic.

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AP CM Jaganmohan reddy directed officials to conduct tests in each and every district and take necessary measures. Tests are to be done on food, water and soil.

Initial reports as per AIIMS confirm that traces of metals Lead and Nickel were found in the blood samples of the affected people in Eluru which was termed as “Mysterious Illness”.

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Eluru town in Andhra Pradesh has witnessed a mysterious illness making hundreds of people sick with complaints of multiple symptoms for two days.. Nearly 340 people were rushed to hospital after they complained of epilepsy, headache and muscular pains. One person died and 168 have been discharged as per government doctors’ report. More than 60 doctors including specialists monitored the situation and household health survey was conducted in 58,000 houses to know the facts.

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