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Australian MP & Shadow Minister distributes eye glasses for beneficiaries of IVI campaign

The visiting Australian Shadow Minister for Community Safety, Migrant Services and Multicultural Affairs, Hon Jason Wood, MP, today distributed free spectacles at an event organized by India Vision Institute (IVI) for underprivileged people at Dooming Kuppam, Santhome High Road, Mylapore, in Chennai. Dr G. Sivakumar, District Program Manager, District Blindness Control Society, K.  Elisha Madhu Kumar, Country Head and Chief Technology Officer, Amada Soft India, and IVI’s CEO Vinod Daniel were present at the event.

Jason Wook puts the glasses on a woman while Vinod Deniel and other person look on

The spectacles distributed are part of IVI’s vision screening campaign for over 4,230 underprivileged people during April-June this year. Vision screenings were organized in Chennai’s Kodambakkam, Chetpet, Santhome, Injambakkam, Ayyapakkam, Villivakkam, Perumalpattu, Medavakkam, and Velachery.

The campaign is supported by Amada Soft India, a software development company.

The screenings found 2,412 individuals required vision correction, and they will receive free spectacles, with 1,198 referred to hospital for further medical examinations.

Mr Jason Wood represents La Trobe in Victoria state of Australia as a Liberal Party MP in the House of Representatives.  He said, “I commend India Vision Institute for this great initiative. The work they are doing, providing eye care for the underprivileged community, is very noble, and I wish them to continue this journey throughout India.”

Jason Wood and Vinod Daniel with the beneficieries

IVI’s CEO Vinod Daniel thanked Mr. Jason Wood for participating in the event. “With improved vision from the IVI campaign, the underprivileged adults become more productive and improve their earning capability. It also helps reduce accidents and falls,” he said.

“Initiatives such as these need the combined efforts of everyone so as to enable us make a positive impact  on  lives, In addition to our work in enhancing the country’s Primary Eye Care Capacity by providing access to eye care services for underprivileged Indians and distributing free corrective glasses to those in need, IVI also focuses on advancing the optometry sector through capacity building initiatives, advocacy, and leadership development, as well as supporting young optometrists in career building and upskilling,” Mr Daniel added.

About India Vision Institute 

Since our inception, IVI’s vision screenings have reached 950,000 adults and children across 22 states in India. We focus on providing timely interventions in disadvantaged communities and remote areas through our Eye See & I Work and Eye See & I Learn campaigns for adults and children, respectively. Additionally, we prioritize Vision and Road Safety by collaborating with corporates/organizations to conduct screenings and provide free spectacles for commercial vehicle drivers. Another significant aspect of our work is assisting and upskilling optometrists, who play a crucial role in delivering primary eye care services. Through capacity building initiatives, advocacy efforts, and leadership development programs, we ensure that young optometrists are equipped to tackle the challenges they encounter in their careers and practice.

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