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Ananda Bhaskar takes up Bairanpalle cause

Former MP prepares to perform pitru karma on the 27 for martyrs

Reminds that 118 persons were killed by Razakars 73 years ago

Appeals to the union government to make it a heritage site

Hyderabad: Primepost has interviewed Ananda Bhakskar Rapolu, former Member of Rajya Sabha and a BJP leader on his campaign to pay homage to  the martyrs of Veera Bairanpalle. It was on 27August 1948 that the Bhairanpalle freedom  fighters were killed by Nizam’s private army, Razakars. 118 persons became martyrs in one single incident. The Razakars also killed more than 30 persons at nearby Kutigal in the same week. The people of Hyderabad State under Nizam had fought valiantly for 13 months, after India got its independence, to hoist the national flag. Veera Bairnapalle is a village in Muddur mandal of Siddipet district (Part of the old Warangal district). Hyderabad was liberated on 17 September 1948 when the Seventh Nizam Osman Ali Khan surrendered to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.

The villages in Telangana used to have gadis, the forte like residences  of zamindars or jagirdars or Deshmukhs. But at Bairanpalle, the freedom fighters (who were fighting under the leadership of Communist Party of India) built a watch tower (buruju) to keep vigil on Razakars. They refused to pay annual tax.  The men and women armed themselves and bravely fought against Razakars. They repelled the attacks by Razakars twice. Determined to take over Bairanpalle at any cost, the heavily armed Razakars numbering  about 1200 encircled Bairanpalle on 27 August 1948.  The Razakars killed 118 freedom fighter. This gory incident moved Delhi and Sardar Patel ordered General Chowdhury to march to Hyderabad and liberate the State from Nizam.


Latchavva, a 86 year old woman told The Hans India in 2017 that she and two other women fled from houses and lived in farms and trees for three months like many other women in the village. All the three were caught by Razakars and they were made to strip naked and play Batukamma. She told the newspaper that the Razakars did not molest them or harm them otherwise but made them dance in nude. That was a grave insult. Wives of some of the martyrs were getting freedom fighters’ pension of Rs. 25,000 per month. But many were denied the pension. They complained that the governments were not bothered about them. The Communists have not been paying homage to the martyrs. Now a BJP leader has taken up the cause.

Ananda Bhaskar proposes to be at the forte this year on 27 of this month paying tributes to the martyrs and do the rituals – pitru karma –  that are done to the parents  who are no more. He appealed to the Union Government to consider Bhairanpalle watch tower as a historic site. He issued a leaflet giving names of all those who were killed 73 years ago.  Here is the interview:

Q: Why have you taken up this movement now?

A: Even before my entry into public life. The story of the sacrifice is known in the area. I am emotionally connected to  the memory of  Bairanpalle martyrs.  As soon as I became a Member of Parliament, I made two notable visits. One to Kurnool to salute Kotla (Vijaybhaskara Reddy, former chief minister) at his memorial and the other was to Bhairanpalle to bow my head in memory of the martyrs.  Even two years ago, I was on record making a fervent plea for special observation on August 27 as it involved huge sacrifice of 118 freedom fighters. Now, I am initiating with ‘Pithru Yagnya.’

Q: Have you consulted your party high command before embarking on this programme? Are the local leaders such as TSBJP chief Bandi Sanjay supporting you in this effort?

A: I did not formally seek my party’s permission either at National level or State level. However, I informed the top leadership and had written to Shri Kishan Reddy, Union Minister of tourism, requesting him  to ensure protection to Bairanpalle Buruju as a heritage site, since it was built by  the warriors.

Q: Why did you remember Bairanpalle after so many years? What was the inspiration? Who or what made you to think of this sacrifice now?

A: This is the son of the soil kind of inspiration. Who will join and from where is up to the understanding and emotional connect of the  people.  Veera Bairanpalle (along with other parts of the then Warangal and Nalgonda districts) was fighting  for the liberation of Hyderabad from  Nizam’s rule.  As Veera Bairanpalle bloodshed was a sensational development, Indian Union started moving immediately. It is worth remembering and celebrating since the blood was shed for the liberation of people in Hyderabad. Veera Talangana is a pride of Indian union which relieved the people from the clutches of Razakars. Bairanpalle played a great role in the formation of the Indian Republic.  I call upon local people to remember the date and pay homage to the  heroes who sacrificed their lives for the cause of freedom.



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