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Airplane, Sriwijaya, crashes in waters off Jakarta

Indonesia: Indonesia’s Sriwijaya Air lost contact as soon as it took off from Soekarno-Hatta Airport. It had crashed in water far from Jakarta as per sources. Flight was carrying 62 passengers including six crew members and human body parts were found by fishermen in North of Jakarta.

Airplane, Sriwijaya, crashes in waters off Jakarta

Flight was heading to Pontianak, which is provincial capital of West Kalimantan. Search operations are under way. Boeing 737-500 took off at 1.56 pm and lost contact with the control after 45 minutes. i.e around 2.40 pm. It lost more than 10,000 ft altitude in less than 60 sec, after departure from Jakarta in 4 minutes.

Aircraft was said to be 26 years old which took fist flight in May 1994.


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