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Maradona, Football legend passes away

  • All time great footballer suffered cardiac arrest on Wednesday
  • His demise just few days after turning 60 left his lovers in deep shock

Lanus: Argentina’s famous football player Diego Maradona passed away at the age of 60. As per his lawyer, he had his last breath at his residence on Wednesday after cardiac arrest. He was on continuous surgeries in the year with stem bleeding in stomach (January) knee operation in July and blood clot in brain three week back. He was discharged from hospital on Nov 11th.

After he was sent back to home from hospital, was on treatment for alcohol dependency.

Maradona, as a captain, single-handedly made his country, Argentina, win the World Cup in 1986. Later, after 4 years, in 1990, his team was beaten by Germany in finals. Maradona represented four World Cups for his country and made 34 goals in 91 matches. For his style of free kick, he was given nickname “El Pibe de Oro” (“the Golden boy”). He became controversial for his ‘Hand of Goal’ against England during 1986 world Cup.

He struggled with cocaine addiction and later was banned for 15 months when he was tested positive for drug in 1991. Three years later he was thrown out of World cup in United States when he tested positive for drug Ephedrine. On his 37th birthday, in the year 1997, he retired from professional football.

Argentina  declared three-day mourning for the demise of one of the greatest football players ever seen.


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