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West Bengal: Pre-poll surveys predict saffron surge

5 surveys say Mamata would lose
BJP comfortably placed

Kolkota: BJP’s President J.P.Nadda kickstarted campaign with his two days tour of West Bengal. He will launch BJP offices in 10 districts virtually as a part of the tour keeping in view of upcoming assembly polls in West Bengal. He started his campaign from the constituency of Chief Minister Mamata Banarjee, Bhabanipur, which shows how party is gaining momentum in the state which is looking for a break for a long period. Their target is definitely CM’S constituency in upcoming poll where Hindu voters are more.

Now the worrying factor for TMC is the results of pre-poll surveys conducted by five organizations and electronic media. ETV Bangla, Zee 24, ABP news, Crowd wisdom all hint only one, TMC losing and saffron rising. If we take the average number from the totals given by the opinion poll of the surveys, BJP is getting between 150 to 185 and TMC 85 to 110 seats. Communist parties are landing at around 20 seats and congress in the last place with below 10 seats.

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Unemployment, dissatisfaction on Mamata’s rule, Inflation, corruption, law and order, loss of income are major issues resulting in Mamata’s defeat. Mission Bengal started by Amit Shah and Nadda looks to be fruitful which will run continuously upto next year, till the election. Plus point for BJP is growing strength in masses who feel, it is the alternate to TMC in state. BJP which won 18 out of 42 Parliament seats in 2019 Lok Sabha elections with 40% votes, is eyeing on 220 seats, target 225 as said by Amit Shah during his West Bengal tour. For this, tbe party also conducted three surveys which showed good results for them.

But TMC leaders rubbish these surveys by saying, ‘Mamata is only face in west Bengal who is the most popular mass leader and no one from BJP can match her.’ Though the words are nice to hear for TMC cadre, things look to be different on the ground.


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