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US Elections: Who will “pack up his bags?” Trump or Biden?

  • Race for White House started Tuesday in US
  • Pre-poll surveys favor Democratic candidate Biden
  • Electoral college to decide who will be next President for US

Washington: US Voters will decide their next President in a few hours between  the incumbent Republican, President Trump and challenger Biden. Trump was busy on Monday with rallies at North Carolina, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and his rival Biden completed rallies at Ohio, Pennsylvania on the same day. Later last  (Monday)night both came out with a tweet which reads as follows

“To all of our supporters: Thank you from bottom of my heart. You have been there from the beginning and I will never let u down. Your hopes are my hopes, your dreams are my dreams, and your future is what I am fighting for every single day” Trump tweeted.

Democratic challenger tweeted as follows after completing his rally late night on Monday which reads,”I am running as a proud democrat, but I will govern as an American president. I will work with Democrats and Republicans ‘and I will work as hard for those who don’t support me as for those who do, because that’s the job of the President”.

For the first time in US Presidential election, this is the most divisive one which has ever witnessed in past 100 years as per political analysts. Some fear that there might  be a breakout of a civil war post elections in the country.

Election day kicked off with first ballot cast in north eastern states of New Hampshire today early hours. As per pre-poll survey predicted, early voting in these areas voted for Biden according to initial reports. All pre poll-surveys predict that Joe Biden will be the next president , even the Fox news which always favors Republicans said this time it will be Democratic win. But in US elections, Electoral College votes are important along with leading in popular polls. Out of 538, 270 Electoral college votes are need to become the President.

Early voting creates record

Early voting by mail-in has created record voter turnout with 60% shattering all previous records of voter’s turnout. This is 4% higher when compared to 2016 elections as per US Election commission Website. The main reason for this huge turnout is Trump and Covid pandemic and people don’t want to gather in large numbers on Nov 3 for voting, particularly senior citizens who are vulnerable to virus.

Texas, California and Florida witnessed large scale voting in last week. President Trump used his vote in Florida on Saturday and according to early trends, Texas and California tend towards Republicans and Florida going the way of Biden.

It might take more time to check the exotic aggregation of mail-in voting which may lead to further delay on Election Day, Nov 3. Earlier, the voter has to come up with reasons why he is opting for mail –in rather than ballot box, but as the Covid pandemic spike is in peak, that option was removed for 2020 elections.

Young  voters throng  

Relatively, low rates were shown by youth voters for decades but for the first time, young voters came out for mail-in voting. This large turnout may wield out a significant political power in politics as per experts. But accepting post marked ballots even after the election date, from nearly 25 states out of 50 may lead to delay to know who will be the winner of White House. Early trends predict Biden is enjoying lead over Trump, but as the election date is getting closer, the gap is getting reduced and turning into a tough fight. If Joe Biden wins, he will be oldest President (78) in US history, even if Trump (74) wins for second time, he would also be the oldest President ever. The voting comes during Covid pandemic which is playing as a crucial role in deciding the US president. Majority of voters felt that Trump failed in controlling the pandemic and avoidable  deaths due to it. This election is a nail biting one with results expected to be on 4th Nov, the day on which we will know who will pack his bags, Biden or Trump.


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