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3 gangsters killed in a Delhi court shootout

Gogi, Tillu

  • Two men murder a gangster, security personnel kill the two
  • Gangster had the habit of having a list of the names to be murdered
  • He used to trike off the names of the persons killed
  • Both the gangs were indulging in extractions, murders

A gang leader Gogi was shot dead in the middle of a court in Delhi in broad day light on Friday. The two assailants  who shot dead Gogi were also killed by the security personnel of Delhi special cell who were accompanying the gangster when he appeared in the court. “Three persons were killed in all in the incident. While a gang leader was shot dead by two persons from rival gang, both the assailants were killed by security personnel,” Rakesh Asthana, Police Commissioner, Delhi, announced at a media briefing.

The bizarre incident had frightened the people in the court who ran helter-skelter. While Gogi hailed from Alipur, his rival Sunil alias Tillu came from janpur kalam village in Haryana. Both were childhood friends who fell apart and became bitter rivals planning to kill each other.  In fact, Gogi was arrested in March last year and he was produced in a court in North Delhi when the shootout took place. Two persons from the rival gang headed by Tillu, who is in Sonipat jail, came in the garb of lawyers and  entered the court in right royal way. While the gangsters planted five to six bullets in Gogi’s chest, the security personnel shot both of them dead. All the three were taken to a nearby hospital where they were declared by doctors as ‘brought dead.’

The gang rivalry started some years ago in the elections of students’ union in Sri Shradhananda college in Delhi during which one student leader Arun alias commando who contested for the post of vice president and whom Gogi gang supported  was killed by Tillu gang. It was in retaliation to the murder of Tillu’s friend Deepak who was killed by Gogi since he  used to tease him saying that  he would marry his step sister and become the son-in-law of the family. Gogi was arrested first in 2016 but escaped when he was being escorted to a court in Haryana. Then he was arrested again last year.

The Supreme Court expressed shock at the lack of security in a court of law in the capital city of Delhi and expressed deep disappointment with the state of security.  

K. Ramachandra Murthy
K. Ramachandra Murthy
Founder & Editor


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