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Temple Politics: CM Jagan warns culprits with serious action

  • Who benefits from vandalisation of idols of God?
  • Who benefits from destruction of beleifs of people?
  • Those who are behind these attacks are creating agitations

Amaravati: AP Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy came down strongly on the happenings related to destructions of idols and temples. Addressing the media, Jagan questioned who benefits from the demolition of God? Who benefits from the destruction of beliefs of public and false propaganda? AP people need to recognize all of these. All these incidents are happening without anyone being targeted.

Whoever does wrong and who ever is behind the mischievous incidents will be punished under any circumstances. There is no way to leave the culprits irrespective of the fact that to which party they belong, ‘even if my party leaders do anything wrong, they will be punished. For some people, there is no fear, respect and devotion on God and they are playing with people’s moods, Jagan added.

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After we came to power, we took several steps to protect temples in the State. CCTV cameras have been installed nearly in 20,000 temples. Miscreants are attacking temples as per the plot and those who destroyed them are creating fuss and agitating, Jagan said.

He reminded that most temples are not under the purview of revenue department and many run under the auspices of TDP leaders. Attacks on temples are being made in remote areas. It is to bring bad name to the government and police department.

The temples were attacked the day before government events. People need to think about all this. It is shame to see using God for politics sake and crime in kaliyuga seems to be coming to an end, Jagan said. Opposition parties are trying to create false propaganda on social media and creating conspiracies to tarnish good name of Government who are in people’s heart with good governance and schemes, CM added.

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