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Are our political parties gasping under a “solo syndrome”?

Four signals sweeping should shudder us currently as a country of rich heritage and future perspective. For, the implications of these trends are threatening the very basics and fundamentals of a modern state.  Covid-19 and recent elections have exposed these trends as never before. Are we aware?

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First, if our political leaders and parties do not stand up and come together to face a crisis as never before witnessed then what is their very sanctity?  The more severe the Covid crisis is becoming the more the leaders and parties are exposing and reducing themselves instead of raising to the occasion and pool their resources to put up a united front. Instead of facing the threat by cooperating and coordinating they are engaged in a blatant blame-game and causing country wide panic. How else can one explain what is happening now? Even the laurels earned otherwise by medical fraternity and management calibre of the country world over is allowed go in shambles!  Our political leaders are losing an opportunity yet again.

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Second, once elections are over it is time for everyone to catch up with governance. The losers of the round are expected to support the newly elected govt. and the winners are supposed to take along those who had fallen short in galvanising votes. Instead, what we are witnessing is opposite, even after clinching majority, winners are taking to revenge course.  No remorse otherwise is evident as if the poll “battle” is being carried forward. In some states one sees such preoccupation even after two years of elections. What else can be expected if “post-poll scenario” is not a concern in poll campaigns and of voters?

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Third, “facts”  have become fallacies! Or,made out these days. Covid  management brings out the extent of manipulation of numbers or figures being claimed unconcerned of ramifications. As my just released book, “The Third Eye of Governance” (speaking Tiger) reveals credible public institutions of the country are being reduced to the level of drum beaters.  Covid numbers being doled out by state after state reminds the extent political leaders stoop to suit their immediate advantages. As if we are reviving a regime of numbers.

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Fourth, recent trend confirms our losing out “news sense.” “Is this real” has become routine query in word-of -mouth networks. Both rumour-fed and rumour-lead have similar consequences. Exceptions are becoming extinct as if journalists are becoming helpless. The larger consequence of this trend on credibility of the country and its public institutions of global repute are  becoming the casualty.  With cooperation and coordination between political leaders no longer a virtue it is control and command concerns of the govt. that is determining this trend of even news management becoming news manipulation. Squeezing out of independent voices has a bigger potential threat to the Republic.

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As a result of these trends, the govts. are no longer viewed as of every one.  They are reduced as of a party or of political interests.  Governance has become secondary. policies have become outright party policies and for party interests. The leaders in power and outside are running away from responsibilities or limiting to rhetorics or blame game.  Even situations of crisis proportion are being reduced to party politics.

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A “Bubble phenomena” is engulfing the nation from that of confidence and credibility.  Popularity and majoritarianism are no longer reliable for stability or issues of immediate governance, even for representativeness. Bubbles need needles or waves to wither away hence control and command strategies are being relied, not cooperation, consultations and coordination wide across.  The four signals are reflective of those strategies.

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Dr. N. Bhaskara Rao
Dr. N. Bhaskara Rao
Dr. N. Bhaskara Rao has been crusading environmental activism with CMS Vatavaran ( movement last two decades.


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