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Why is Ramgopal Varma so interested in CBI investigation in Viveka’s murder case?

  • RGV starts YouTube channel ‘NIJAM’ (truth) to discuss the case
  • Experts are considering the murder investigation a classic episode of a case study
  • Doubts on freeing of Dastagiri on bail, who was one of the accused in the case
  • Giving Anticipatory bail to Dastagiri raised many questions
  • Why the prime eye-witness Ranganna’ statement was not given weight
  • Questions posed by Viveka’s PA Krishna Reddy are interesting ones
  • Lot of content is available in YouTube channel on the case
  • CBI is cornered after Supreme Court observations on the case

Not only common public but also the famous film director Ramgopal Varma is so enthusiastic in the murder case of Y S Vivekananda Reddy, former MP and CBI investigation on the high profile murder. Surprisingly, he inaugurated YouTube channel called Nijam (Truth) to discuss high profile political affairs including crimes. The tag line of NIZAM is “Stripping of the Clothes of Lies” (Abaddala Battaludatheeyatam) before the public. Ramgopal Varma has been angered of spreading false information by some section of media on such high profile cases.

Vivekananda Reddy, who used to be called as ‘Vivekam Sir’ in Kadapa by the common people, was considered as simple and soft political leader by many. The image of Vivekam Sir is also being tarnished by focussing the other things of the deceased leader. But, his murder followed by twists in CBI investigation turned out to be sensational and subject of discussion among the people at all tea centres in two Telugu states. There is a lot of material available in YouTube over the case. The viewers showed much interest on the interviews of Krishna Reddy, PA of Viveka and Kadapa MP video release. YS Sharmila has also entered the fray with her statement on Viveka’s property added more questions to the case.

The statement of Shamim, second wife of Vivekam Sir, is a twist to the investigation. Ramgopal Varma interviewed senior journalists and political leaders including YSRCP leaders on Viveka’s murder followed by CBI investigation in his channel Nizam. RGV asked why CBI took four and a half year to submit its report in the case. Giving ‘No Objection’ by CBI to the anticipatory bail to Dastagiri in the court is also a question when prime eye-witness Ranganna’s statement was available on the ghastly murder. These are all the stuff available in RGV interviews.

Kadapa MP Y S Avinash Reddy, who was silent so far, started releasing video clippings on his innocence in the murder. He questioned the just of suspecting him in the murder case on ‘political benefit’ and ‘Google Take-out’. His argument is – ‘I was already YSRCP MP at the time of Vivekam Sir’s murder. Even Google is not ready to issue certificates on its ‘Google Take Out’. Third one he is asking why, Sunitamma not objected bail application of Dastagiri while CBI giving its nod to it. All the issues were raised and argued by Avinash’s advocate Niranjan Reddy on his bail extension in Telangana High Court.

K Ramnarayana, a journalist said, “The case was turned ticklish due to the political rivalry between YSRCP and Telugu Desam. The leaders of both the parties, particularly Telugu Desam, tried to make use of the case to tarnish the image of the rivals. It seems the CBI was so confused with it. The investigation officers should understand the political situation in Andhra Pradesh prior to commencing of investigation in the case”.

Facing difficulties of Vivekam Sir’s PA Krishna Reddy, who was just eye-witness in the case, are very interesting. According to Krishna Reddy, “I was beaten black and blue for thirteen days after the murder by AP police first and CBI officials later. I went to the house of Vivekam Sir at 6.30 am on the day and I was told that he was killed. I narrated the police the entire story.”


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