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Net Zero Fellowship 2023 program brings leaders together for a low-carbon world

The School of Policy and Governance, an independent think-tank, has announced the 2023 Net Zero Fellowships.

The 2023 Fellowship program comes with the launch of the first of the four Net Zero Fellowship Regional Workshops in Goa, March 31-April 2. Some 27 emerging leaders from southern India – Karnataka, Andhra, Telangana, Tamil Nadu and Kerala – are participating in the first workshop.

Vaibhav Chaturvedi speaking at Goa workshop

The fellowship program will help 100 emerging political and public leaders to gain a better understanding of India’s position and plans for tackling climate change. Through four regional advocacy workshops across India, March to December, participants will be introduced to pathways to a low carbon or Net Zero economy, climate change, its impact, and ways to address challenges.

Ruchir Punjabi, Chair, School of Policy and Governance (SPG), said “India has set its sights on achieving net zero emissions through Panchamrit. The Fellowship is designed to empower emerging leaders committed to making a positive impact in their communities and the way forward for a carbon-free world.”

“We are delighted to launch the second cohort of the Net Zero Fellowship, the first in-person program, and look forward to working with the participants to contribute to a greener world and a more sustainable future for India,” he said.

The impact of Net Zero transition on polity will be addressed and give insights into how leaders can engage with its different aspects. The fellowship will cover issues such as climate justice and the protection of marginalized communities throughout the transition.

Ruchir Punjabi speaking at Goa meet

Fellows attending the workshops will have access to international speakers and experts on climate change and Net Zero. It will include mentorship, one-on-one support, and a network of resources. The Net Zero Fellowship Regional Workshops will conclude with a discussion among participants about issues and where the biggest opportunities for impact lies for them in their careers and work, and for India as a whole.

Fellows attending the workshops will be awarded a Certificate of Participation from the School of Policy and Governance.

For more information about the Net Zero Fellowship and the School of Policy and Governance, please visit https://policyandgovernance.in/courses/net-zero-fellowship-2023/


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