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Can BJP hoist its flag on Khammam fort?

(Anirudh – Our special correspondent)

Khammam : Involving a number of leaders in election campaign will not always be productive. What extent the voters and cadre believed the statements of the leaders saying, “We are going to unfurl saffron flag in Khammam Municipal Corporation” is important.

BJP had never won a single councilor or corporator in either municipality or corporation of Khammam and had not at all occupied any space in media. Interestingly, the party was made central by the media now in the light of upcoming KMC elections. When this correspondent asked different sections of voters on how many seats the BJP going to win in KMC, no person said that it would get a naught.

In wildlife language, a male lion roars to scare off intruders and warn of potential danger. BJP is using such a tactic in Khammam. BJP leaders started such a loud campaign already. BJP Khammam district president Galla Satyanarayana, Bharatiya Kisan Morcha State president Kondapalli Sridhar Reddy and BJP Tamil Nadu in-charge Ponguleti Sudhakar Reddy had already stated that “BJP will fly its flag in KMC”.

It seems that the voters who are not in favour of TRS started considering the saffron party after its win in Dubbaka and its good show in GHMC election. N. Bhaskar, a retired headmaster said, “Conditions are not very advantageous for the TRS in Khammam at the present. The employees and students may look for an alternative in the corporation election. How BJP can en cash the situation is important. How will BJP dent the left parties and Congress in the elections is also a key factor”

In private conversation, Minister for Transport P Ajay Kumar hints that the KMC election would take place in February. By the time, the exercise of carving out 60 divisions from 50 will be completed. Surprisingly, BJP conducted an internal survey on KMC and it had a hint that they can win in 24 divisions in KMC if the elections are held any time.    


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