Friday, July 12, 2024

AIKMKS, KKUP merge after talks

Photo writeup: Subodh Mitra and Hardev Singh Sandhu

  • Decide to fight reactionary policies
  • To intensify anti-feudal and anti-imperialist movements
  • Demand sacking of Manipur government

All India Khet Mazdoor Kisan Sabha (AIKMKS) and Kirti Kisan Union Punjab held prolonged discussed and decided to merge in the interest of development of peasants in the country. A statement to this effect was issued by Subodh Mitra, Convenor, AIKMKS and Hardev Singh Sandhu of KKU Punjab. The meeting concluded that Kirti Kisan Union  Punjab joined AIKMKS as one of its affiliated constituents. Subodh Mitra, the convenor of AIKMKS, S Jhansi, Co-convenor,  Srikant and Ashok Baitha represented AIKMKS at the talks while  Hardev Singh Sandhu, president of KKU Punjab, Dhanwan SinghKhatrai and Raghuvir Singh meharwai from KKU Punjab participated.

It was also resolved at the meeting to fight against all reactionary policies of the ruling class and intensify anti-feudal, anti-imperialist movements. This meeting further resolved to oppose and fight against the Forest Conservation Amendment Bill 2023 and to fight for the implementation of the recommendations of Swaminathan Commission on MSP for all crops. It also resolved to fight for repealing of New Electricity Bill. It will also expose the man-made disaster resulting in floods which have a devastating effect on people, crops and nature. While exposing real face of ruling class’ nefarious design, the AIKMKS appealed to its cadre to stand by the people and undertake relief work with immediate effect.

AIKMKS condemned in strongest terms the barbaric killing and humiliation of Kuki people in Manipur which was instigated and designed by the BJP-RSS Government in the Centre and the State. AIKMKS demanded that the deep-rooted conspiracy to loot the natural resources by the MNCs in Manipur be stopped forthwith. The meeting also demanded that the government in Manipur be sacked immediately.


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