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An Advocate, Srinivas Rangachary, saved MCH valuable lands in Hyderabad

Asuri Maringanti Srinivasa Rangacharya, former Counsel of MCH (Municipality Corporation of Hyderabad), 90, peacefully attained Paramapadam on 11.2.2023, at Hyderabad  at his house. He was survived by advocate Srimathi Sreelekha, Sri Srimannarayanachary, Sri Ramanujachary, (Engineers from United States) and famous eye surgeon Dr Murali Krishnamachary, Ophthalmologistof Sulochana Eye Hospital, Hyderabad, his brother Vedantachary, former Optometrist. His sister Ranganayakamma (mother of M Rajgopalachary and Madabhushi Sridhar) breathed last just 14 days before.

Srinivasa Rangachary’s sons and daughter informed that funeral was performed in Jubilee Hills Mahaprasthanam, Hyderabad at 4 pm on Saturday. 

As former Counsel, Srinivasa Rangacharya, Advocate of MCH, prevented land grabbers, and saved many valuable lands in Hyderabad. He worked with Special Commissioners like HS Brahma IAS, former Central Election Commission, etc.

Srinivasa Rangacharya was noted as an honest and sincere Counsel of MCH and Andhra Bank. He was managing the temple as founder trustees with his brother Vedantachary, of Sri Chenna Keshava Swamy temple at Chandrayangatta, Keshavagiri, Hyderabad. He was following in the footsteps of  his father late Channamacharya who was pleading with Nizam for protecting temple in Urdu.

Rangachary with sister Rananayakamma

Madabhushi Sridhar said: ‘Just within 14 days after “Rangakkayya” (93 years), who affectionately called, Asuri Maringanti Srinivasa Rangachary, advocate, devotee, followed my mother (her brother 90 years). He is (should say was) very efficient lawyer, and pandit in Tiruppavai, Ramanuja and Alwaar related devotional Adhyatma and pious person. He used to take with Rangakkayya, his brother, me, and all those who can accompany in his car, to listen to Tiruppavai Pravachanam, from Keys High School in Secunderabad, during every Dhanurmasam.

“When practicing law, he used to dictate drafting cases with great speed, difficult for others to manage, where I used to learn the speed and law also. Because of which I could write 25000 judgements as Central Information Commissioner of RTI in Delhi. As a lawyer, he was explaining intricate issues of Transfer of Property issues like Rule against perpetuity, Transfer for benefit of unborn person, Restriction repugnant to interest created, especially Part-performance etc. It learned it during practice, and as a teacher on property law, discussing with Professor Vepa ParthaSaradhi, famous writer of this book and as my senior Srinivasa Rangachary. I learnt from him Tiruppavai and Ramanuja etc Alwaars based memories.”

Sridhar also said: “I wrote Tiruppavai books both in English and Telugu, Ramanuja Margam from his inspiration. He drove scooter with Baavagaru, called as, Jagannadha Charyulu from Hyderabad to Warangal. He made his driver take them entire tour through India’s yatra with Maruti Van with my Amma and Vedanta Mamayya. We miss him for ever. I pay my tributes to this great person”, said Madabhushi Sridhar, while referring to అనాయాసేన మరణమ్ వినాదైన్యేన జీవనమ్ దేహాంతే తవ సాయిజ్యం దేహిమే జనార్దనా.

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