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Acupuncture treatment for lifestyle illness

  • Janardhan organizing a camp at Sundaraiah Vignyana Bhavan
  • From 10am to 1 pm on Sunday, the 10th

Is the Indian ‘Suchi Vaidyam’ or Indian Classic Acupuncture (ICA) the best treatment to the changed life style illness?

Medicines or supplements are not needed in the system treatment. The system believes food as medicine to cure the illness.

Janardan examining journalist Hemasundar

Suchi Vaidyam identified 60 main commanding points.  

Many points located between elbow to fingers and knee to toes.

There are no side-effects in the needle therapy system.

Patients suffering with migraine and thyroid imbalance feel relief.

The changed lifestyles cause different health issues to the people in the present age. There is a search for alternative curable methods from the illness of the people without side effects. Suchi Vaidyam or Indian Classic Acupuncture, which is identified as local acupuncture, is getting popular as a system  sans side effects.

ICA believes after the human body is a miniature of five elements, which are called as Panchabhuthalu, comprising – Space (Akasam)-Fire (Agni)- Earth (Pridhvi)-Air(Vayuvu)-Water (Jalam). The metabolic system of the body can be activated with the needle therapy in ICA. Bhogarnath Maharshi of  Palani in Tamil Nadu is the father of ICA and there was a temple for the saint.

According to Kaparthy Janardhan, running an Arogya Acupuncture Clinic at Sudaraiah Vignan Bhavan in Hyderabad, various diseases like imbalances in hormonal and blood circulation can be cured through this method. He said that the ICA increases the immunity, stimulate the breathing power and activate the human body. “Odd chemical changes in the body can be controlled with the needle therapy and the human body gets rejuvenated and reconstructed with the therapy. The ICA studies the food, activity and mindset of the patient and gives suggestions apart from the needle therapy. The system will develop keen in-depth practical knowledge on Mind-Body intelligence and its functions. Agasthya Maharshi is also referred the Suchi Vaidyam in his writings”, he said. The system will understand and follow natural life enhancing rhythm conducive to our mind and body. It will strengthen the body by restoring and strengthening the natural ability of our immune system. It believes Food is a medicine and body is a doctor and a single needle cures thousands of illnesses. There were various systems of acupuncture like seed and colour therapy. The cost of the needle therapy is too little when compared with the other systems. Janardhan is organizing a free health camp at Sundaraiah Vignan Bhavan at 10 am on December 10, 2023.

Janardan knowing the pulse of a patient

Migraine and thyroid patients felt relief with the needle therapy. Veni, a student, got relief from thyroid after the needle therapy. Likewise, various other patients like Brahmachari from varicose veins, Murthy Raju and Sunita from knee pain, Anand from kidney stones, Satish Kumar from back pain, Lavanya from frozen shoulders and Ramachary from diabetes have been cured through ICA. The needle therapist K Janardhan can be contacted through cell phone -9177333292 or email address – [email protected]. (eom)


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