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Yoga practice is a pride of Buddhist tradition

Buddha in vajrasana and dhyana mudra

 Buddha lived before the Vedic period.  His meditative impression has been known to the world since time immemorial.  He is also known as the ‘Emperor of Yogis’.  Yoga and meditation existed before the time when the Vedas were written.  Ascetics, saints and sages used to practice these methods.  We know that the statue of Buddha in Vajrasana in Dhyana Mudra is the most popular thing in the world.  There is an encyclopedia on yoga/meditation practice in Pali called ‘Vishuddi Magga’.  The practice of yoga is the pride of the Buddhist tradition.  Actually ‘yoga meditation’ – means man’s exploration of his relationship with himself.  Instead of turning outside, someone turns inside.  Practising with concentration and control of manas.  Giving up vices like anger, hatred and greed and purifying the mind.  Due to this, sorrows in life will be removed.  The lights of happiness and peace radiate.  Those who achieve this will become ascetics, yogis and sadhaks.  The Tathagata gave great importance to yoga meditation.  He said in Dhammapada…

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 Yogave Jayati Bhuri Ayoga Bhuri Sadkhyo

 Etham Dvedha Patham Jnatva Bhavaru Vibhavaru Cha!

 (Tat Attanam Nivesheya – Land System)

 The meaning is that the practice of yoga increases wisdom.  Wisdom that is not practised will perish.  Man’s progress and fall are both within his control.  One should immerse oneself in the samadhi of Yogadhyana for continuous acquisition of knowledge.

 Prajna – means insight.  Discretion – this causes desire to die.  Attachment to objects and bonds is destroyed.  Either way, the Buddha’s path is not understood.  Humility, Samadhi and Wisdom are the sum of these three – the way of the Buddha!  After the Buddha, Buddhist monks like Bodhi Dharma Kumara Jiva spread this “Indian culture” to the entire Asian countries.  In those days when there were no transport facilities, all the citizens of the world came to Nalanda Taxila University, risking their lives and travelling for months and years.  People of different faiths preceded Buddha in India.  Even in the post-Buddha period, owever, they learned to practise yoga and meditation by following the Buddha.  Some have added some of their own wisdom to what they have learnt.  Yoga is filled with mantra, prayer and Shakti.  As a result Upanishads, Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama and Pratyahara Dharana were added to it.

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 Buddha’s yoga practices adopted by Vedic religon

 Just as the Buddha was included in the Dashavataras, the Buddha’s yoga practices and meditations were first adopted by the Vedic religion.  Later it was completely changed.  The term ‘Yogakshema’, which we use in our everyday life, comes from the practice of yoga taught by the Buddha.  But all the yoga sutras we see and hear now are post-Buddhist writings.  As many changes and additions were made in order to destroy Buddhism, they also changed the practice of yoga.  There is no comparison between the yoga practised today and the yoga practised by the Buddha.  They have destroyed the nature and purpose of yoga – just as the Vedics made their goddesses by changing the shape of the Buddha images.  Today’s yoga, which is run in a business-oriented way, is not useful for mind purification.  Twisting the body, inhaling and exhaling like a wash – is now in vogue as yoga.  Does the person who declared ‘International Yoga’ without lifting Buddha’s shoulder know the real roots of Yoga?  The man who caused the Gujarat carnage and lost thousands of lives – does yoga get results if he closes his eyes and nose and sits for half an hour one day a year?  Those who cannot make their own decisions with their own thoughts have to live by copying and pasting!  They have no choice.  Only those who work with their own brains can find ways, anytime, anywhere.  The copyist has to be found somewhere, sometime!  Don’t you know all Hindu temples in India are converted Jain/Buddhist temples?  It is also clear that yoga was copied from the Buddhists.


 Illusions and fictions

Well, let’s see what Patanjali said about Yoga, what is the essence of the Yoga Sutras proposed by him… He proposed 194 Yoga Sutras to merge the soul with the Supreme through Chittavrtti Nirodha – Patanjali!  If we examine the 17th sutra to the 40th sutra of the Vibhudi Pada, we find many abhuta kalpanas.  He said that those who have done yoga will know 1. the languages ​​of all living beings.  2. He said that the body can travel without being seen.  3. He said that one can talk to deceased ancestors.  4. He said that the knowledge of the past and future will come.  5. He said that there will be no hunger pangs.  6. He said that the elephant will get strength and get divine powers.  7. He said that he can enter the body of others, that is, parakaya can enter… And in all these centuries, has any of these been proved true in the case of anyone?  If you think with a little knowledge, you will understand that all these are illusions and fictions, right?  All this is mixed in the Vedic mantra which preaches God, Atma, Paramatma – there is no such thing as the real God.  Everything is happening causally.  The difference between the teachings of the Buddha and the Vedic propaganda is clear, isn’t it?

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Who these days say that they are doing yoga and because of it the mind and body are at peace?  Actors, politicians, athletes, corporate owners and executives!  That is, except for those who speak to influence the common people – can any of them keep their minds still?  Are you able to reach the level of no cravings?  Apart from the gimmicks to increase their businesses, increase publicity, and score good marks with the public – has any of the essence of yoga taught by the Buddha entered their brains?  The campaigns they are doing now have no meaning except to use the word ‘yoga’ and gain profit.  What is the benefit to the common man, other than having movie actresses tear up next to yoga gurus?  It is the lowest level of attempt to attract and control people’s brains by joining one dog next to another dog!  If the person who has taken the responsibility of the country and the people does not do what he has to do, one day in a year he leaves behind a hundred people, closes his nose and poses for the cameras, will it be a “yoga-day”?  Will it reduce the sufferings of the people?  If you send videos to people of plastic bags on the beach or foot path… is that good governance?  So is this yoga thing!  He who takes ten camera people and sits near his mother, then he becomes the one who lowers the mother’s value and his own value. If unnecessary things are done for publicity, they have no value.  He who proclaims an “International Yoga Day” without knowing what yoga practice is, will go down in history as an International Ignorant Shiromani.

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Scientific humanism

 Don’t criticize yoga!  Can it be adopted as an exercise?  Some people say that nowadays.  True!  Exercise is good!!  It provides some benefits to the body.  But, the mind is not pure.  Internal purification does not take place.  When this does not happen, greed, hatred and desire are bound to remain in human nature.  Exercise gives you a strong body.  Clean minds are needed for the prosperity of the society.  If the world is to be blissful and peaceful, the path of the Buddha must be free from suffering.  One way Buddhists choose to achieve that is meditation!  In this modern society, change does not come with just grain – true!  But – the care, sincerity and sense of dedication needed to reduce the sorrow of the society to some extent.  At least some good will be done if the majority can reach that level, if not the total.  Let go of illusions and blind beliefs and take concentrated steps towards scientific humanism.  Work with a goal!  That concentration, that goal achievement is what we all have to practise now – yoga!

 Gurupurnima came on 13 July 2022.  It was the day Gautama Buddha first preached enlightenment to his disciples and followers in Sarnath!  But, many people do not know that even that has been turned into evil by the humanists.  The Hindus who converted Buddharamas into temples also converted Guru Purnima.  Guru himself was deified with hymns like ‘GuruBrahma’ and ‘Guru Vishnu’.  If Buddha said there is no God, he destroyed that idea.  Let’s realize the mistake and celebrate Guru Poorni as Manu-Buddha’s “Dhammacakka Pavattana” from now on!

 – Dr. Devaraju Maharaju

 (Essayist is Central Sahitya Akademi Awardee)

Dr. Devaraju Maharaju
Dr. Devaraju Maharaju
The author is a famous litterateur and a Professor in Biology.


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