MAA election result, what does it mean?

  • Campaign ran in an electrifying mode
  • War of words, ugly incidents, caste factors witnessed
  • War became Mohan Babu Vs Mega camp rather than Prakashraj Vs Vishnu
  • Local and non-local issue major factor in the outcome of results
  • Will MAA move forward forgetting all or will continue boiling with groups?

Hyderabad: The much awaited MAA election results were out on Sunday evening with Manchu Vishnu being elected as new President taking over from Naresh. Result was not at all surprising at the end but thanks to media which hyped the proceedings making it appear more important than general assembly elections. The scenes witnessed on polling day added more flavours to the contest, which is well known for film actors in creating hype and dishing out masala. Actress Hema biting Sivabalaji’s hand is the climax shot in the story.

Who created hype?

From day one after Manchu Vishnu was announced as rival to Prakash Raj, a series of episodes ran in between actors, throwing challenges, using abusive epithets, bringing in the names of the politicians of two Telugu states, even not leaving Prime Minister’s name Modi in the battle. Prakash Raj’s panel came out with an allegation that Manchu Vishnu is misusing the name of AP CM Y. S. Jagan Mohan Reddy  and bringing it to create panic in the voters. Mohan Babu joined the bang by leaving for Delhi before elections. No one knows why he left for Delhi and what happened there. Media, for the first time, added fuel in its own style with interviews of contestants, all played their role successfully putting MAA at crossroads in the game.

Mohan Babu with Prakash Raj

Mega brothers lose control

The war started when Pawan Kalyan came up with political speech on the eve of ‘Republic’ movie pre-launch function. This was against the film industry rules and it was condemned by Producers’ Council and Tollywood bigwigs. At one time, Chiranjeevi also expressed sadness over Pawan Kalyan’s remarks against AP Government. This shows how Mega family is targeted in Tollywood. Manchu Vishnu took the opportunity for which he is waiting for, he came up openly by supporting AP government and asked MAA voters to decide whom they support, Pawan or AP government?

Nagababu enters the scene

Nagababu, who was silent for a certain period during the campaign, entered the fray just two days before the election. His comments  against senior actor Kota Srinivasa Rao, praising Prakash Raj saying  that he (Prakash Raj) can fight against the PM if necessary, criticising Vishnu for his vocabulary in Telugu, personal verbal attack on Vishnu, local and non-local issues, all hampered Prakash Raj’s victory. Chiranjeevi is said to be Tollywood’s big daddy after the demise of ace director and actor Dasari Narayana Rao. It is true that many workers in film industry follow the advice of megastar. Nagababu took advantage of it and said that Chiranjeevi is supporting Prakash Raj in the elections. Chiranjeevi never took sides openly.

Will better sense prevail?

The atmosphere on the election day is clearly visible that Vishnu will win, but they waited for the majority and official announcement. Is it necessary to bring caste factor into play? Supporters of Mega family came out on social media by saying it is war between Kamma and Kapu community and Chiranjeevi and Mohan Babu. This was never said by any film celebrity, but the issue on social media shows how ugly this election turned out at the end.

Pawan says the industry would never split

Chiranjeevi after casting his vote said that he did it as per his own conscience. Pawan Kalyan said that film industry will never split. But the clashes witnessed after few minutes of voting took place indicated how serious the elections were and how they divided the film folks. Mohan Babu threatening Actor Banerjee that he will kill the latter is the peak point in the total episode.

Let us hope that MAA will run in good atmosphere in coming days leaving all disputes and bitterness behind or else people will make fun of  the filmy shots which were now making rounds in social media.


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