Thursday, June 13, 2024

Vitamin D, no cure for Covid

  • That Vitamin D is Covid cure is a myth
  • Doctor’s advice not to take higher doses without guidance
  • Large dose, prolonged use of Vitamin D would damage kidney, liver

Vitamin D, known for protection against pathogens and respiratory illness is not cure for Covid, but can delay the risk of infection by building up immune system in body. Patients with sufficient level of Vitamin D came out of this pandemic without mortality. This Vitamin acts as a defence against many infections helping  proper functioning of a human immune system.

Low levels of Vitamin D lead to infections related to respiratory tract, lungs, Asthama, Tuberculosis along with bacterial and viral infections. There is a myth making the rounds  that Vitamin D cures Covid which is false and its supplements only reduce the risk of pandemic.

Doctors advise not to consume high doses of Vitamin D without proper guidance as it may lead to increase in calcium levels which may further may lead to kidney, liver failures and heart problems.

Best source for Vitamin D is sun light but the  time to expose our body to it is exactly not explained, some  say morning 7am to 10 am is the best time and some others  differ by saying 11am to 3pm which will prevent UVB rays penetrating into our body is a better time. There is no ideal food source for this Vitamin and the effect is same in all the ingredients we take.

Muscle pains, joint paints, tiredness are a few symptoms of Vitamin deficiency which can’t be detected early. But studies proved that patients with lower level of  Vitamin D are likely to be infected by Covid.


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