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Dramas that reflect ‘Democratic’ and ‘Divisive’ Politics

  • Two recently release films that are so different
  • Kashmir files, Rocket boys depict two opinions of India

 National interest was, is and will forever be at the heart of the longest-ruling party of this nation – the Indian National Congress party that has taken bullets and bombs on itself, and produced rockets and missiles, to save this nation, its dignity and pride. The founder leaders of this mother-party of this nation were insanely bent on giving up their lives for building this nation. They felt a strong patriotic fervor for it, but never confused it with jingoism. They never tolerated communal disharmony nor did they forgive those who birthed it for their own vested interests.

Truth cannot be hidden for long

Truth cannot be hidden for a long time. In one way or the other, it will be revealed to the world; loud and clear. I cannot help but be at awe the way film makers of today have the gumption to present the truth to the world. Rocket Boys and Kashmir Files are two such pieces of art, even though creative in nature, that took pains to present the truth. As a technophile, I enjoyed every bit of Rocket Boys, but even though I liked Kashmir Files for its gripping story-telling, I feel it was not able to present the truth completely.

The two works represent the stark contrast between the rule of the Congress government and the  BJP-led government respectively. Congress leaders were peacemakers, who lived for the nation and readily cooperated with scientific and technological developments. The result of such commitment is alive in front of us. If Congress was allowed to rule without interruptions, it would have carved a trajectory for India, that would surpass all the other nations.

Opportunistic policies

Power hunger and opportunistic politics disrupted this smooth course, giving way to communal hatred and violence; the wounds of which are still deep and sore. The exodus of Kashmiri Pandits is a living example of BJP’s ineffectual but inciteful and divisive politics. In a bid to uphold the most narrow, skewed offshoot of Hindu dharma; the Hindutva, BJP has only caused bloodshed and fuelled religious-hatred in a region that was already distraught with a heap of worries. Repealing Article 370 three decades after the gruesome killings cannot compensate for the pain and suffering, the separation with motherland and the alienation that Kashmiri pandits had to go through. Every Kashmiri pandit has a heart-wrenching tale to tell. Every person that was involved in making this horrific chapter in Indian history was a BJP man.

Camouflages reason

Kashmir Files has but merely showcased the facts of the happenings without emphasizing on the cause and the people involved. This is insufficient, because the people involved are the main part of the truth and should have been revealed. As we know “A half truth is more dangerous than a lie.” It camouflages the reason which is a part of the truth. Truth is not truth unless it is presented in its entirety. It may be truth, but is still negative in nature. So, it is a waste of time in building a nation. Only positivism can build the nation.

Congress dream

Rocket Boys is one of the many examples of Congress party’s foresight and commitment towards the nation. Needless to say, it helped India rise from the ashes post-independence to the present modern India. At a time when there were no resources, Congress dreamt of a self-sufficient nation with security second to none. Be it space research, missile technology, harnessing nuclear energy, building projects or revolutionizing agriculture, self-reliance was the ultimate goal.

writer Ponnala Lakshmaiah

It is rather coincidental that these two creative pieces of work, released at about the same time, so truly and accurately depict the contrasting ideals of Congress party that is inclusive and BJP that is divisive.

So, “Yes” to Rocket Boys for motivating us to be a part of nation-building and a big “No” to Kashmir Files for reopening old wounds, without revealing to the world who caused it.


BE , MS (USA )

Former President, Telangana PCC


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