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TPCC: Yes in Delhi, Nai in Gully

  • No unity among leaders
  • Seniors still against Revanth Reddy
  • Say yes in the presence of party highcommand
  • But non-cooperation with their president after reaching constituency
  • Party losing steam with BJP occupying the streets against TRS

Hyderabad: Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee which appeared to be set after High Command announced Revanth Reddy as Party President now looks to be back to square one. Just few months back, Gandhi Bhavan was flooded with cadre, leaders, raising slogans such as  “Jai Congress, Jai Rahul.” But this is old story now. Leaders, particularly seniors, look to be still hot on Revanth and the gap is getting widened further as days progress.

It is surprising to see Nalgonda MP, Komatireddy Venkat Reddy enjoying T 20 World Cup between India and Pakistan at Dubai when Huzurabad bypoll campaign went on. He returned to India after campaign date ended; don’t forget that he is one of the star campaigners for the party listed by high command. Even on the dharnas called up by TPCC President over paddy procurement, no senior leader of the party allowed Revanth to participate in dharna in their constituency.

BJP has launched  street war against TRS to establish itself as an alternative to the ruling party, but Congress party is losing its tempo due to internal warfare  at this crucial juncture. Few days back, high command called upon TPCC leaders to review about the Huzurabad bypoll defeat. Party senior leader like Jagga Reddy was kept aside for that meet, and in the war room of high command witnessed a verbal exchange between Uttam, Ponnam and Revanth. No chance was given to senior leader V. Hanumantha Rao to express his views. After the meeting, all leaders addressed media and tried to show that all are one and will fight unitedly to bring party back into power in Telangana. Story is the same after they reached Hyderabad, and seniors moved towards their constituency and Revanth back home.

If the Congress party wishes to come back to power, this is not the way, felt congress cadre. Revanth has to change his style and push back his holier than thou attitude, should take guidelines of seniors with trust, seniors should come forward freely to extend support to cadre and Revanth, all should be united to counter the strong TRS and BJP. Then only party can survive or else, it is difficult to come into power for another ten years, says analysts.

Will Revanth change his style or allow  senior leaders to get migrate  into other party? Anything can happen in congress.

Congress circles say party’s senior leaders like K.Jana Reddy, Komatireddy Venkat Reddy, Madhu Yashki Goud, N.Uttam Kumar Reddy, T.Jeevan Reddy, Jagga Reddy are not allowing Revanth to visit their constituencies to take up dharnas over paddy procurement issue. They are making it clear to Revanth that they will take up dharnas personally in their respective constituencies and Revanth should not interfere. This forced Revanth to confine to home while Bandi Sanjay is waging a war against TRS and KCR and projecting BJP as the real alternative for TRS. Among senior Congress leaders, only Shabbir Ali has good relations with Revanth. Shabbir allowed Revanth to visit his constituency to undertake dharna.


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