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TRS Forgot Me: D. Srinivas

  • Anti incumbency sentiment  is more than ever
  • No development in Hyderabad
  • CM thinks a lot about  Delhi rather than State

Hyderabad: Dharmapuri Srinivas, popularly known as, DS, on Tuesday lashed out at Telangana CM and on TRS party. He said there is lot of anti-incumbency sentiment against TRS and people are looking for an opportunity to overthrow the party from power.

Worst ever elections

Rajya Sabha Member from TRS, D.Srinivas’ criticism at the time of GHMC elections created a flutter in ruling party which is being cornered by opposition parties and flood rehabilitation victims at a crucial juncture. DS felt that the way GHMC elections are being held is one of the worst ever elections he has seen in his career. There is two months time for the elections, what is the hurry for the party to go in for elections in a hurried manner, asked DS.

Where is the development?

KTR is saying Hyderabad is well developed with Rs. 67,000 crores, but where is the development, the flyovers we are seeing were started during Congress period, DS added. KCR is the CM of the state, but he thinks a lot about Delhi politics rather than getting benefits to the State. It is better for the party to look into State matters rather than thinking of third front, felt DS.

Dubbaka constituency is surrounded by KTR, Harish Rao and KCR’s constituencies, but the result was totally different after elections.  This shows that the people are angry with TRS rule, claimed DS.

Not involved in party politics

“TRS forgot me and kept me aside that is the reason I am not involving in party politics,”” DS Said. D.Srinivas who was thrice MLA and twice PCC chief for United Andhra Pradesh joined TRS in 2015. He was gifted with Rajya Sabha seat by TRS leadership but he was kept aside since 2018 due to internal rifts as per TRS sources.

Son of DS defeated CM’s daughter

There were speculations about DS joining the congress and later BJP when he met Amit Shan in 2019 and TRS leaders demanded that CM should expel him from the party. But until now there was no reaction from both ends, DS’ second son, Aravind is BJP Mp from Nizamabad , who defeated CM’s daughter Kavitha  in 2019 Lok Sabha Elections. After that defeat, the rift between DS and TRS widened further.


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