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Divine Musings – 14

Behind the rousing silvery milky way,
they say there lies a carnivore black hole!
I never saw, but take that as the truth.
When slip into the lewd desires we deep
a stinky catacomb awaits for you!
Beware O men, beware, beware of lures.

Beware O men…not just the carnal lures
but anger too destroys your sacred way.
Ye know, the simmering you; can nev’r be you…
but a dancing dumbwit, in a devil’s hole,
whose muse and sanity are buried deep
below the heaps of riven piety and truth.

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Alas, money is some men’s lasting truth!
They neither run after the worldly lures
nor try to dip into their psyche’s deep!
For them money is goal, money is the way!
They’re misers caught in narrow money hole,
who relish no friendship and love in you.


O’ friend, those bursting obsessions in you,
are born to veil your grow’ng wisdom and truth.
They’re burning wild fires in your heart’s dim hole
that keep kindling desires with fueling lures
inside your bosom pure, till char the way
to sacred destiny, in noesis deep.

Your airs aren’t cool zephyrs but peck they deep
the hearts of others. Sans qualms, play thus you;
through face, grimace, through gait and every way
you act. Another man’s innocence lures
your arrogance. You search and show his holes
and laugh; but never learn your hole’s foul truth.

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Here everyone got pain and joy… that’s truth.
You smile at all, but envious in deep
of your sour heart. This jealousy makes hole
in mind and muse; but never can find you
until it putrefies to rot and lures
the doctor’s bill or hell’s Avernal deep.

(Desires, anger, miserliness, obsessions, arrogance and envy are considered as the foe-sextet (అరి షడ్వర్గము) by Hindu philosophy, that hinder your spiritual growth.)

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Mydavolu Venkata Sesha Sathyanarayana, who writes with the pen name MAHATHI, is a renowned Indian English poet. He has been on a mission to popularize Indian epics and philosophy, through his poems and long poems; especially in Western countries. He basically composes metrical verses in classical style, though not averse to composing free verses. His books FINDING THE MOTHER (SRI SUNDARA KANDA), HARE KRISHNA, OCEAN BLUES and THE GANGES AND OTHER POEMS are very popular and brought him great name and fame. His poems are published in a number of Indian and American print magazines. Poet's phone number: +91 93093 76172
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