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YS Sharmila: New party on July 8 in tune with Telangana aspirations

  • July 8th, birthday of late Rajasekhar Reddy
  • Party’s name ’YSRTP’ will be formally announced on the same day
  • Meeting with key leaders at Lotus Pond on Wednesday

Hyderabad: Y.S. Sharmila, daughter of late Y.S. Rajasekhar Reddy, sister of AP Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy is getting ready to announce the party’s name in Telangana. For this she chose the birth date of her father which is July 8th and on same day a meeting will be held with fans from 33 districts of Telangana. She said that she wants to bring back the YSR’s welfare regime in Telangana state, to reflect YSR’s aspirations and ideas.

YSR activists and fans have been waiting for Sharmila’s announcement ever since she addressed a public meeting at Khammam. YSR Telangana Party registration process has also been completed by Election Commission after Y.S. Vijayamma said that there was no objection to the party’s name. With the date of announcement of the  new party approaching fast, Sharmila has scheduled a key meeting at Lotus pond on Wednesday with party leaders. Sharmila will announce village, Zonal and district level ad hoc committees for the party on Wednesday as per Lotus Pond sources.

Party released an official statement that the name of the newly formed political party by Sharmila in Telangana is YSR Telangana party, YSRTP. Party’s coordinator, Rajgopal announced that registration of the party’s name has been completed. Sharmila has already appointed nine spokespersons for the YSR Telangana Party. Among them are  Konda Raghavareddy, Indira Shobhan, Syed Mujeeb Ahmed, Pitta Ramreddy,  Epuri Somanna, Tudi Devender Reddy, Bishwas Ravinder, Matin Mujahid and Bhumi Reddy.

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