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Robotic surgery for knee  joint at Yasoda Hospital

  • Dr. T. Dasaratharami Reddy conducts the surgery

Eminent orthopaedic surgeon Dr. T. Dasaratharami Reddy has successfully conducted knee replacement surgery with robot machine at Somajiguda facility of Yasoda Hospitals on Thursday.

Dr. T. Dasaratharami Reddy

Explaining the robot operation, Dr Reddy said a small incision is made and the robot hand is handled by the surgeon. The loss of blood would be minimal compared to the loss of blood in traditional way of surgery. The patient would have tolerable pain and he or she would not need to take too many pain killers. The surgeon will be in command of the situation and the surgery would be done more efficiently than in traditional way.

The doctors’ team headed by Dr. T. Dasaratharami Reddy

Since a small incision is made, the patient could go home within a day or two after the surgery and recover within six weeks during which physiotherapy is taken. The robot’s hand will go inside the knee, remove the spoiled tissues and replace them with an artificial joint.  


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